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YouTube - Show Full View Count and Date (unless hovering)

Brings back the full view count and date to the description box.

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[This is for the latest Youtube layout which they've started rolling out in Oct/Nov of 2022.]

This script brings back the full view count and date to the description box under the YouTube player. Instead of "1.7M views 2 years ago" it will say "1,739,201 views • Dec 12, 2019" in the description box. In case you need to see the default numbers, just hover the mouse over the description box.

Normally there's a tooltip that appears when you hover over the view count, and it shows the full view count and date. This CSS script works by keeping that tooltip visible and repositioning it over the default numbers. This is just a simple CSS stylesheet, it's not a Userscript.

To be clear, this thing is not perfect. On certain videos, the date will be positioned higher than it should, which is just a limitation of doing this kind of thing with a stylesheet instead of javascript. I actually don't use this stylesheet myself anymore, so I'm really not that interested in spending hours rewriting and testing it to make it perfect. I put plenty of explanations in the code so you can tinker around with it if you want.