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BBVA - Dark mode

By default these pages have too much white.

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If you use uBlock Origin you can also add the following custom rules:

! swy: remove intro banner about phishing[data-component=stickybanner], #ui-dialog-campania-bloqueante scroll !important)

! swy: dark mode invert(0.88) hue-rotate(180deg)), div[data-addon=bbva-announcement], div[data-autoload=experiencias], #app_footer_fyc_normal, div#footer, header[role=banner], nav#header, div[class*=megamenu__fixed], .m-marquee__media :style(filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg)), img.o-heading__img, img[class*=cover]:not([class*=complexmarquee__img]), img[class*=card], video, iframe:not([id=initial-loading-spinner]), div.o-media__item.width-xxsmall  :style(filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg) !important;)

! swy: make the bank logo cover the whole cell table.o-table th[role=rowheader] img.o-media__img  :style(width: inherit !important;)

! swy: get rid of the "more offers" top bar for buying other banking products

! swy: remove the annoying let's chat-hovering button

! swy: get rid of the advertising/offer buttons to their shitty investing deals > span.c-botones-generico[data-link=subhome-ahorro-inversion]

! swy: get rid of the patrimonio financiero spam