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Display remaining Youtube playlist time

Displays the sum of the lengths of the remaining videos in a playlist

Tác giả
Cài đặt hàng ngày
Số lần cài đặt
Đánh giá
9 0 1
Phiên bản
Đã tạo
Đã cập nhật
Giấy phép
Áp dụng cho

Note: only sums the lengths of videos that are visible in the playlist sidebar -- may not be accurate for large playlists (the user is informed of this; see image 2).

The time remaining is by default shown through both a duration and a percentage. The variables showTime and showPercentage can be set to false if you only want to see one of these.


  • Time formats:
    • 0: "x.xx hours", "x.xx minutes", or "x seconds"
    • 1: "xh xm xs" (default)
    • 2: "h:mm:ss"
  • Percentage formats:
    • 0: "% done", i.e. % watched (default)
    • 1: "% left", i.e. % remaining
  • Whether or not to include the duration of the current video when determining the remaining time

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