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Bandcamp Dark

Dark theme for Bandcamp

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Bandcamp Dark

A simple dark theme for Bandcamp based on the original work by aricley.



16/10/19 - Initial Release

03/11/19 - Fixed some Wordpress elements. This will mostly affect Bandcamp Daily.

07/12/19 - Fixed some more Bandcamp Daily Elements.

09/02/20 - Bandcamp logo now white instead of grey.

09/04/20 - Feed and collection icons on menubar now white.

21/04/20 - Minor elements adjusted to fit theme.

26/04/20 - Fixed some minor elements when browsing tags.

01/05/20 - Updated some elements related to Bandcamp Weekly.

05/06/20 - Fixed some updated elements on the tag hub.

12/07/20 - Cleaned the code slightly. Still needs plenty of work. First git commit

26/07/20 - Fixed a couple of elements on the feed page.

15/09/20 - Fixed an element on community messages.

12/03/21 - Changed background of Bandcamp Weekly player.

13/04/21 - Added styling for the new live stream page and elements. Cleaned some old code.