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Youtube Video Ratings Bar with Power Meter (DISABLED)

This used to display ratings bar on YouTube thumbnails, but Google has blocked how it gets its data. I'm disabling it for now in case people still have it running.

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Posted: 22-10-2017
Edited: 23-10-2017

Don't execute in subframes

Embedded videos (subframes) don't contain any of the dom elements that the script is looking for.

Is it possible you an add @noframes so that the script runs only when I navigate to youtube? Thanks in advance.

Posted: 24-10-2017

Huh, I didn't even know that was a thing. That should really be the default behavior, with us having to add like an @iframes line or something.

Anyway, sounds like you already did it on your end. I'll put it in the next version. Thanks.

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