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[Feature Request]Greasyfork rule for users

Posted: 24-08-2020

We have Greasy Fork's rules for posted scripts but miss the rule/policy for users. I encountered many reports like "xxx scripts don't work" and repeated unreasonable reports of abusive behavior from the same users. I think we need some basic rules like the following,

  1. Greasyfork is a platform for distributing user scripts, user styles and libraries. The users need to take the responsibility and consequence of using the scripts hosted on Greasyfork or required by the scripts.
  2. As a platform for distributing the scripts, Greasyfork doesn't take the responsibility to judge the functions the scripts. Users need to determine whether a script works or not by themselves.
  3. Abusive and spam behaviors are not allowed on Greasyfork. However, the criterion of such behavior is determined by the moderators.
Posted: 24-08-2020

First two, I'm not sure what the "rule" is there. It's not like someone will get banned for not taking responsibility or not determining whether a script works.

Third's pretty obvious, so much that I don't think it needs to be stated.

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