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New to user script

Posted: 24-05-2020

New to user script

I'm new to programming and don't know where to start, I have the basic knowledge of jquery, css, and html but am lost when I look at other people's scripts or trying to figure out how to make one myself. Can anyone help me?

Deleted user 20822
Posted: 02-06-2020

just give more details

Posted: 06-06-2020

You should learn JavaScript (ECMAScript 5) to be clean/fluent as well have an easier time when it comes to learning. HTML/CSS are injected but it's not till you've hoisted queries within the document.

Pro-tip: WSSLoad = On document start, you should check for WSS and define when it is loaded! DOMLoad = Doesn't load on start so we run an interval to determine when the page has loaded. Could loop 3 - 7 times before seeing the page has loaded FullLoad = Checks for both WSSLoad and DOMLoad to initiate the script to the fullest otherwise in some browsers you error right out.

Set scripts to run at document-start and if done right, no issues at all. You may document-end load if it's just DOM work and you don't plan on WSS; less setup to script.

Posted: 17-07-2020

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