Geoguessr Resolver Hack (Works in all game modes)

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2022-11-03

Is there a way to change keybinds? When I press the number keys it does the emotes in competitive, obviously don't want to be saying GG every round, that would be pretty sus after a while.

Other than that it works great.

Posted: 2022-11-04

You can change them by changing the numbers found in this block of code at the bottom (e.g. 49 = the '1' key, 50 = the '2' key)

if(e.keyCode === 49){lo(true,false)} // 1
if(e.keyCode === 50){lo(false,false)} // 2
if(e.keyCode === 51){lo(true,true)} // 3
if(e.keyCode === 52){lo(false,true)} // 4
if(e.keyCode === 53){lv()} // 5

I commented them so you know which one corresponds to which key.

You can use this site to know which button to change it to:

To ensure stability of the code, don't try to change anything but the numbers (49,50,51,52,53)

Posted: 2022-11-04

Awesome thanks for the reply.

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