Geoguessr Location Resolver (Works in all modes)

Features: Automatically score 5000 Points | Score randomly between 4500 and 5000 points | Open in Google Maps

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Geoguessr Location Cheat

for any issues, criticisms or pull requests, please refer to the appropriate places to do so on the GitHub page for this script, as I will see it faster there: (stars are very appreciated if you enjoy this script ! )

To use this script:

  • Press '1' in game to place a pin on a location that will randomly score you between 4500 to 5000 score. (pressing "guess" is required to guess)

  • Press '2' in game to place a pin on a location that will exactly score 5000 points. (pressing "guess" is required to guess)

  • Press '3' in game to open google maps set on the correct location in a new tab.

You should not abuse the "Max Score" feature in competitive modes, it will get you banned. Use the place pins as an idea of where to place your own pin - don't rely on it to make a guess for you.

This script is free to use, with no Anti Features (e.g. no ads, no donation links etc) all I ask is for feedback, ratings and criticisms :)

If you are looking to modify the script, please make pull requests! I would love to see other people's ideas.

Updates are not guaranteed if the script breaks, since this is something I am doing in my free time.

I am not liable if you are to get banned for abusing this script. It is obviously against Geoguessr's Rules

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