Geoguessr Location Resolver (Works in all modes)

Features: Automatically score 5000 Points | Score randomly between 4500 and 5000 points | Open in Google Maps

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Takni 2023-11-16
Last: 0x978Author 2023-11-16
Bad gets you banned
king8787 2023-10-31
Last: 0x978Author 2023-11-01
OK script 1 and 2 button not working
nexttime 2023-07-11
Last: 0x978Author 2023-07-11
Good hey what's your discord?
Karamba god 2023-06-02
Last: 0x978Author 2023-06-02
pls how to change binds
AlxMl 2022-12-17
Last: 0x978Author 2023-02-03
Algorithm change in duels. Dec 16
265432624 2022-11-06
Last: 0x978Author 2022-11-06
Good What is your Discord?

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