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Can't download subtitles from the Trailer category

Hi! :) I can't download subtitles from videos of the trailer category. Sometimes, there are bonus like for Star Trek Discovery, there are web-episodes. I have this message :

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot destructure property titleP of 'undefined' or 'null'. at _download (userscript.html?id=c8ea1b7d-dd52-4b6f-95f3-aaab795359f2:135) at HTMLLIElement.downloadThis (userscript.html?id=c8ea1b7d-dd52-4b6f-95f3-aaab795359f2:154) _download @ userscript.html?id=c8ea1b7d-dd52-4b6f-95f3-aaab795359f2:135 downloadThis @ userscript.html?id=c8ea1b7d-dd52-4b6f-95f3-aaab795359f2:154 async function (async) downloadThis @ userscript.html?id=c8ea1b7d-dd52-4b6f-95f3-aaab795359f2:154


Try now. (after updating the script of course)

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