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Instagram Reloaded

View or download the full-size Instagram image/video. Super simple: press alt+f or shift & click to view media - alt & click saves file. Read for more options.

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Gönderildi: 14.10.2017
Düzenlendi: 30.04.2018

No longer works for images and image albums (carousels) [Update: Read this thread for solution]

Edit: This has been solved in post 2 below.

Hi. Your script is sadly almost completely broken now. I see that it hasn't been updated since July 2016, so I guess that's expected...

  • Here is a video on a dedicated page. Alt+f works:

  • Here is a photo on a dedicated page. Alt+f works:

  • Here is an album on a dedicated page. Alt+f works:

  • Now try going to the actual profile's timeline and click a video, photo or album to see them in their overlay view (instead of on a dedicated page). Alt+f ONLY works for videos (both standalone and in albums):

So the problem is that it does not work anymore for overlay photos (in albums or standalone).

Gönderildi: 05.11.2017
Düzenlendi: 24.03.2018

Well, since it has been 481 days since your last update, and 20 days without any replies since I made this thread, I guess your script has finally been abandoned... It's understandable, since you seem to have maintained this for years before giving up and moving on, which is very commendable. Cheers!

But people still needed some way to view high-quality media again, and I can't wait around indefinitely (potentially forever if you're gone forever). So I spent five hours today writing my own script instead. It's not based on any of your code whatsoever (I don't need to; I'm the co-author of the largest 3rd party Instagram API library in the world, so I definitely know enough about Instagram to do it myself), and it uses a totally different algorithm which is much more resilient to their site design changes over the years than this script. My script also has more features (including the ability to click images directly on the timeline grid to open (or download) them without having to first go to their page/viewer, and auto-loading of "Load more media", and a media loading indicator which shows how much of the timeline's media you have loaded so far), and much better algorithms for getting the highest-quality URLs (based on my work on the Instagram API). As well as lots of bonus features to fix various annoyances at Instagram.

Sorry to advertise, but all of your users are stranded right now and the brand new script above handles everything perfectly, and the magnification code is written in a way that will remain very resilient to Instagram's potential site design changes for years, possibly even forever. Because we all know what a pain it is to have to constantly maintain scripts whenever the site changes, eh... right? Hehe. ;-)

Take care, everyone. Enjoy and have fun!

Gönderildi: 17.04.2018

Hey Steve, thanks for your reply and feedback. Very appreciated. When I created the script, I wanted to keep it simple and not overblown with features. It worked quite long. And then, as you stated correctly, it was broken by Instagram's changes.

I fixed it now and it's usable again. Would be thankful if you could update your review ;)


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