InstaMagnify: Instagram Media Downloader

Best! Greatly enhance your Instagram navigation experience! And magically view or download the highest-quality, largest versions of Instagram stories, albums, images/photos, videos and profile avatars. If you have ever wanted to save a story, album, image/photo, video or avatar, then this is for you!

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What is InstaMagnify?

It's your portal to the highest-quality, largest versions of Instagram stories, albums, photos, videos and profile avatars!

By default, Instagram only shows you low-quality media. But by installing this utility, you'll get the magical ability to easily view or download the largest and best looking versions of any media!


But wait... that's not all! You will also discover that all profile pages (timelines) will be enhanced with a loading indicator in the bottom right corner of the window, which shows you how much of the media has been loaded by your scrolling so far, such as "36 / 628 (5.7%)". You'll no longer have to keep wondering how much further you have to scroll to reach the end of the timeline! ;-)

And to make your life even easier, it will automatically click the "Load more" button for you, so that you can effortlessly scroll and scroll and scroll and view and download media and... :-)

Have fun and enjoy!


  • The most advanced code of all Instagram-related userscripts, written by the author of the largest 3rd party Instagram API library in the world.
  • View or download the highest-quality, largest versions of Instagram stories, albums, photos, videos and profile avatars.
  • Displays a timeline media scrolling progress indicator in the bottom right corner of all timelines.
  • Automatically clicks on all "Load more" buttons so that you can effortlessly scroll through media.
  • Automatically closes the annoying "Get the mobile app!" popup dialog which Instagram shows to some people.
  • Automatically closes the even more annoying "Sign up for Instagram!" bar which is shown whenever you aren't logged in.
  • Automatically closes the "Experience the best version of Instagram by getting the app" bar which is shown after logging in.
  • Supports protected (signed) media URLs, such as those used by stories.
  • Supports all Instagram media types and media view-panels.
  • Your choice of convenient mouse and/or keyboard controls, whichever you prefer the most. :-)

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Simply hold down a modifier key and click on any Instagram photo, video or profile avatar!

  • Shift-click: View in the same tab.
  • Alt-click: View in a new tab/window.
  • Shift-Alt-click: Direct download (only if your browser supports it).

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard controls, which are definitely a lot more convenient if you're already using Instagram's own left/right-arrow navigation to switch between media!

  • Shift-F: View in the same tab.
  • Alt-F: View in a new tab/window.
  • Shift-Alt-F: Direct download (only if your browser supports it).

If you ever forget the commands, simply hover your mouse cursor over the media loading indicator in the bottom right corner of each timeline, and you'll see a tooltip with all of these commands.

Note that the "direct download" feature requires a browser which supports the modern HTML 5 "download" tag, such as Google Chrome and Safari!

You should also note that your web browser's "how to open new windows"-preference controls whether the "View in a new tab/window" action will open a tab or a window. Browsers don't give scripts any control over that choice. Which means that you have to change your browser settings if you want to specifically choose which window-type you're using.

Lastly, it's worth noting that you can actually click on media directly on the timeline grid (not just on their media pages/media lightboxes). However, if you click via the timeline grid, you will only be able to see the first image in case of albums or the thumbnail for videos, since the rest of the media details haven't been loaded when you haven't opened its media page. And you may not get the highest-resolution media via this method (the best quality is only guaranteed when you've clicked on the media to view it properly). But this ability to open media directly from the timeline is still a great shortcut which is definitely worth knowing about. Have fun!

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