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Instagram Reloaded

View or download the full-size Instagram image/video. Super simple: press alt+f or shift & click to view media - alt & click saves file. Read for more options.

Bunlar bu scriptin güncellenmiş kod versiyonlarıdır. Bütün versiyonları göster.

  • v2.30 21.12.2020 phewww, this was a lot of work but here we go: shift-click is back plus more support for carousels. enjoy & merry xmas
  • v2.28 20.12.2020 - another fix to bring back functionality
  • v2.27 19.12.2020 12/19/2020 - fix to bring back video support (posts and carousel)
  • v2.26 27.10.2019 important changes by IG. Videos work in private mode/when logged out only.
  • v2.25 20.10.2019 fixed a problem with Chrome (note: alt+f on carousel not accurate)
  • v2.24 18.10.2019 add back support for single popup videos. yay
  • v2.23 16.10.2019 quick fix for single view videos (no support yet for carousel videos or from popup dialogues)
  • v2.22info 13.10.2019 - IG changed to video streaming: video downloads currently unavailable
  • v2.22 14.09.2019 woah, quick updates coming in. this time some sort of igtv support coming (you need to open the video with the alt+f keyboard combo) and fixed some single photo functions.
  • v2.21 14.09.2019 fixed carousel popup
  • v2.2 13.09.2019 quick fix for video popup
  • v2.19 19.12.2018 videos stopped playing - changed the click behaviour to fix that (hopefully)
  • v2.18 15.12.2018 - temporary fix to reduce the "url signature mismatch" errors on Instagram. Side effect: files with query strings may only be saved via the "save as" dialogue.
  • v2.17 08.12.2018 fixed carousel photos/videos and single page photos/videos trigger
  • v2.16 28.08.2018 fix: jQuery compatibility
  • v2.15 05.04.2018 fixed the download function for Tempermonkey/Chrome users. Thanks to akaleeroy
  • v2.14 26.03.2018 +++ IMPORTANT +++ this is only a quick fix for the latest changes on No more direct opening from profile page possible (at the moment). +++
  • v2.12 09.07.2016 fixed: incompatible code with latest Chrome
  • v2.1 02.07.2016 fix: code changes, script should work again. more coming soon.
  • v2.0 05.06.2016 Chrome: added direct download option (alt+click on item), fixed keyboard bug. Renamed the script.
  • v1.9 01.06.2016 Instagram changed their code on june 1st. Updated to match their changes plus some more options and fixes.
  • v1.8 15.03.2016 added support for embedded photos (video should work, too. but haven't tested enough)
  • v1.75 28.02.2016 shift key + click opens in new window. alt key + click opens in the same window. plus some code cleanup.
  • v1.7 22.02.2016 open directly using keyboard shortcut alt+f on single photo/video pages
  • v1.6 10.02.2016 # removed the new query string added by Instagram so you are able to save the file immediately
  • v1.5 20.12.2015 added shift click support on video popup
  • v1.4 19.12.2015 per request: added video support on single page view
  • v1.3 14.12.2015 added support for the feed on the main page
  • v1.2 13.12.2015 updated to match new instagram parameters
  • v1.1 12.12.2015 even strange image resolutions are now recognized and shown in full size
  • v1.0 10.12.2015
  • v1.0 10.12.2015