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Posted: 2024-04-17
Edited: 2024-04-17

Due to update of recent YouTube player, skipButton needs to be changed like the following line:

  skipButton: '.videoAdUiSkipButton,.ytp-ad-skip-button,.ytp-ad-skip-button-modern,.ytp-skip-ad-button',

New CSS selector .ytp-skip-ad-button appended.

Posted: 2024-04-18

About how to obtain the CSS selector.

  1. Open DevTools (Ctrl + Shift + I)
  2. Activate the element selector.
  3. Click the "skip" button on the player.
  4. Double click the class of the <button /> tag at DevTools, and then copy the class name.

Converting from the className ytp-skip-ad-button into CSS selector becomes .ytp-skip-ad-button (prepend one period)

Posted: 2024-04-19

Thanks kenjiuno.

I haven't gotten the new update to youtube that uses this new selector yet, but I pushed an update that includes it anyway 👍

Posted: 2024-04-19

Thanks for updating script, 1.4.6 works again!

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