Auto Close YouTube Ads

Close and/or Mute YouTube ads automatically!

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Automatically Close YouTube Ads

This isn't meant to be an ad-blocker (quite the opposite), it is meant to make YouTube ads more bearable while continuing to support the video creators on YouTube.

This script will automatically press the skip button on YouTube videos ads and click the close button on popup ads.

The script has 3 menu options you can find in the tamper/grease monkey menus when you're on a youtube page.

The first menu option lets you choose how many seconds of delay you would like before the script closes the ad. The default for this option is 3 seconds.

The second menu option lets you enable/disable whether you want video ads to be muted while they play. This option is enabled by default.

The third menu option lets you enable/disable whether you want video ads to be hidden while they play. This option is disabled by default.

I like to support the people who make videos I like on YouTube so I white-list them on my ad-blocker, unfortunately ads are kind of annoying so I made this script to make them a bit more bearable.

Notes on YouTube Monetization

Here are some things to keep in mind when using this script in regards to supporting YouTubers.

There are a few ways that YouTubers make money when it comes to ads. CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions), CPC (Cost per click) or CPV (Cost per view).

  • CPM: With this script installed this monetization method will always be counted since any view of the ad no matter how short will count.
  • CPC: If you set a long enough delay for closing ads you should be able to read/watch the ad and click on it before it's closed. If you set a very short delay you won't be able to do this.
  • CPV: In this method a view is only considered a view if you watch the ad for either 30 seconds or until it reaches the end, whichever comes first. So if the ad is a skippable one and your ad closing delay is set to less than 30 seconds the view won't be counted; on the other hand if the video isn't skippable the view will always be counted.