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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2024-02-03

When i add more new code ads, this scrip is working again.
This is code i edit : skipButton: '.videoAdUiSkipButton,.ytp-ad-skip-button,.ytp-ad-skip-button-modern,.ytp-ad-skip-button-text,.ytp-ad-skip-button-slot',

Posted: 2024-04-07

I already copy and paste that line and still doesnt work

I tried inserting more code and didnt work either
skipButton: '.videoAdUiSkipButton,.ytp-ad-skip-button,.ytp-ad-skip-button-modern,.ytp-ad-skip-button-text,.ytp-ad-skip-button-slot,.ytp-ad-skip-button-icon,.ytp-ad-skip-button-container,.ytp-ad-skip-button-icon-modern',

Did you change another line of code?

Posted: 2024-04-20

I've posted an update that should make it work again.

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