Roll20 Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts

Extends and enhances Roll20's keyboard shortcuts.

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Enhanced keyboard shortcuts for Roll20, adding numerous features not supported out of the box.

Usage: Press \ (backslash) to bring up the input bar, then type the command (documentation below) and press enter.
To cancel a command, press Escape or click outside the box.

\h Show this help

\g- Page Controls
  \ga<pagename> Send players & GM to the named page
  \gp<pagename> Send players only to the named page
  \gg<pagename> Send GM only to the named page

    - Page names are case-sensitive.
    - Only players on the bookmark will be moved.

  \gs<settings> Set page settings
    Settings are formatted as <key>=<value> pairs and
    separated by commas.

    dl (y|n) Dynamic lighting
    xm (y|n) Explorer mode
    gi (y|n) Global illumination (daylight mode)
    ud (y|n) Update token vision on drop
    rm (y|n) Restrict movement by dynamic lighting barriers
    fw (y|n) Standard fog of war

    ge (y|n) Grid enabled
    gs (number) Grid scale
    gu (unit) Grid unit
      Units: ft, m, km, mi, in, cm, un, hex, sq, custom
    gt (s|v|h) Grid type
      s = square, v = vert. hex, h = horiz. hex

\c Chat - Send any message, including commands.
  Example: \c/w gm Roll with advantage: [[2d20kh1]]
  Note: This command doesn't work with chat popped out.

\r<dice-expression> Roll dice
  All Roll20 dice expressions are supported. Examples:
    2d20kh1 Roll 2d20, keep highest
    4d6dl1  Roll 4d6, drop lowest
    5d6>4   Roll 5d6, count 4+ as success
    d6!+d8! Roll 1d6 + 1d8, explode both dice
    ?{#}dF  Prompt for a number and roll that many fudge dice

\a- Audio
  Note: These commands don't work with the Jukebox popped out.
  \as Stop all audio
  \an Play next track
  \ap<name> Play playlist (case sensitive)
    Example: \apCombat
    Leave name blank to be prompted, i.e. ap
  \at<name> Play track (case sensitive)
    Example: \atRain - Heavy
    Leave name blank to be prompted, i.e. at

\n- Create new things
  \nh New handout
  \nc New character
  \nt New rollable table

\t- Turn tracker
  \to Open turn tracker
  \tc Clear turn tracker
  \tx Close turn tracker
  \tn Next turn
  \ts Sort turns

\l<bright>[/<dim>] Lighting
  Set the lighting on the currently selected token.
  Example: \l25/25

\v- Vision
  \vn Enable normal vision
  \vx Blind (disable vision)
  \vd<dist> Darkvision

\s[name] Toggle named status marker on selected token
  If no name is provided, clear all status markers

\o<options> Set options for selected token
  Options are formatted as <key>=<value> pairs and
  separated by commas.

  Example: \o b1a=hp,b2a=ac

  Note: For any option value, you can enter ? to be prompted,
  e.g. \o nv=y,np=y,nt=?

  Bars: (# = 1, 2, 3, or * (all bars))
    b#c (number) Bar current value
    b#m (number) Bar max value
    b#a (attribute) Bar linked attribute
    b#v (y|n) Bar visible to players
    b#e (y|n) Bar editable by controlling player
    b#t (h|e|*) Bar text overlay visibility
      h = hidden, e = editors, * = everyone
    bl (a|b|ot|ob) Token bar location:
      a = above, b = below, ot = overlap top,
      ob = overlap bottom
    bs (s|c) Token bar style: s = standard, c = compact

  Auras: (# = 1, 2, or * (both auras))
    a#r (number) Aura radius
    a#s (c|s) Aura shape: c = circle, s = square
    a#v (y|n) Aura visible to players
    a#e (y|n) Aura editable by controlling player

  Global permissions:
    *v (y|n) Bars/auras/name visible to players
    *e (y|n) Bars/auras/name editable by controlling player

    nv (y|n) Token name visible to players
    ne (y|n) Token name editable by controlling player
    np (y|n) Nameplate visible below token
    nt (text) Name text
    tv (y|n) Tooltip visible on hover
    tt (text) Tooltip text

\m- Run macros
  \mcs Start combat
  \mce End combat

\p Preferences
  Preferences are formatted as <key>=<value> pairs and
  separated by commas.

  Example: \p aks=y,3dd=y,a3d=y,pas=n,cht=n

  aks (y|n) Advanced keyboard shortcuts
  wpc (y|n) Window popouts for characters
  bcb (y|n) Background chat beep
  add (y|n) Advanced dice
  3dd (y|n) Use 3D dice
  a3d (y|n) Autoroll 3D dice
  cav (y|n) Chat avatars
  cts (y|n) Chat timestamps
  sta (y|n) Sort token actions
  ani (y|n) Animated graphics
  ust (z|p) Use scroll to...
    z = zoom, p = pan
  smp (t|b|l|r) Status marker position
    t = top, b = bottom, l= left, r = right
  pas (l|r|s|n) Player avatar size
    l = large, r = regular, s = small, n = names only
  cht (w|l|n) Chat tech
    w = WebRTC, n = none