Roll20 Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts

Extends and enhances Roll20's keyboard shortcuts.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v1.8.2 2022-01-20

    Fixed compatibility with VTTES

  • v1.8.1 2022-01-14

    Code refactor and logging/startup change

  • v1.8 2022-01-14

    Updated \p (Preferences) command to work with the latest Roll20 release

    • Removed dsn (display name) Not currently working
    • Removed pam (player avatar movability) and pal (player avatar location) These controls no longer exist
    • Removed cht (chat tech) l (legacy) option - no longer supported
    • Removed dsa (disable speaking as) This control no longer exists
    • Fixed all other options to use new element IDs / values
  • v1.7 2021-11-24

    Enabled script for Roll20 dev server also

  • v1.6 2021-11-14
    • Added \nt (create tables)
    • Block escape key from closing handouts in the middle of writing them (avoids losing changes)
  • v1.5 2021-11-09

    New: \g - Page Controls!

    • \ga<pagename> Send players & GM to the named page
    • \gp<pagename> Send players only to the named page
    • \gg<pagename> Send GM only to the named page
    • \gs<settings> Set page settings
  • v1.4 2021-11-04
    • Added \p (Preferences) command to set game/user prefs.
    • Fixed a bug where the script loaded on some Roll20 pages where it shouldn't have
  • v1.3 2021-11-03
    • Token option wildcard (*) for more briefly setting related options
    • Improved dice roll command (r) to support all Roll20-flavored dice expressions
    • Removed Fudge dice command (f) - superseded by improved dice roller
  • v1.2 2021-10-28

    New features:

    • \l Set token lighting
    • \v Set token vision
    • \s Toggle status markers
    • \o Set token options
  • v1.1.1 2021-10-27

    Fixed a bug where darkvision would not get disabled when disabling normal vision.

  • v1.1 2021-10-27

    Version 1.1 New Features:

    • \v- Set vision for selected token
      • \vn Enable normal vision
      • \vx Blind (disable vision)
      • \vd<dist> Darkvision
    • \l<bright>/<dim> Lighting
      Set the lighting on the currently selected token.
      Example: \l25/25
  • v1.0 2021-10-26