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Adds back the 2014 google design. Changes google search, maps, translate, login, news, drive, shopping, photos, classroom and lens. ## DO NOT EXPECT MANY MORE UPDATES, GOOGLE HAS GONE TOO FAR SOUTH!! Also install "google 2014 row" for better search filter experience

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Posted: 2023-12-26

Hello, lego savant, i am old-internet-lover from reddit and owner of this script https://userstyles.world/style/12857/old-google-2013-reloaded
i am planning to fix google drive and maybe gmail, but for accuracy reasons i need the original 2013 gmail and when i saw that you themed drive i decided to ask this question, maybe you have a solution to access login-required websites

Lego SavantAuthor
Posted: 2024-01-12

for google drive, i based it off of screenshots
and yeah its pretty annoying to fix, they always change something about it like every week

gmail ive been living with the 2007 layout, but now its going to die soon so its pretty worrying

living pages of other services like google mymaps can be used to find certain elements of the layout like the "create" button

Posted: 2024-02-03

Lego Savant, can i contribute to your project? maybe to fix your script and perhaps merge my script with your?

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