Old Google 2014

Adds back the 2014 google design. Changes google search, maps, translate, login, news, drive, shopping, photos, classroom and lens. ## DO NOT EXPECT MANY MORE UPDATES, GOOGLE HAS GONE TOO FAR SOUTH

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  • v1.36 2023-09-18

    fixed translate

  • v1.34 2023-09-08

    AI menu

  • v1.33 2023-08-23

    some things may be fixed, who knows

  • v1.32 2023-07-04

    fixes to google drive and video embeds on search, too lazy for big fix oopsei

  • v1.31 2023-06-15

    image search less ugly

  • v1.30 2023-06-15

    google play logo

  • v1.29 2023-06-15

    possible removal of useless search tags, google trends added

  • v1.28 2023-04-14

    fixed video elements and search tools

  • v1.27 2023-04-04
  • v1.26 2023-03-10

    tab fix is here

  • v1.25 2023-03-03

    fixed settings button on image tab

  • v1.24 2023-03-03

    redid google drive

  • v1.23 2023-02-19

    some google things

  • v1.22 2023-02-07

    profile fix

  • v1.21 2023-01-10

    drive fixes

  • v1.20 2023-01-07

    fixing account dropdown for the 99th time

  • v1.19 2022-12-09


  • v1.18 2022-11-21

    video fixes

  • v1.17 2022-10-21
  • v1.16 2022-10-21

    many fixes for missed things

  • v1.15 2022-08-26

    major fixes, rewrite of google search and translate
    added option for 2016 searchbar and colors for main search

  • v1.14.4 2022-06-22

    google broke it again

  • v1.14.3 2022-05-14

    im going to cry

  • v1.14.2 2022-05-14


  • v1.14.1 2022-05-14

    stylus suck

  • v1.14.0 2022-05-07

    added google classroom and LOTS of fixes

  • v1.13.5 2022-04-22

    google drive is evil

  • v1.13.4 2022-04-19

    last one i swear

  • v1.13.3 2022-04-19
  • v1.13.2 2022-04-19


  • v1.13.1 2022-04-19

    no longer applies search bar to websites it shouldnt

  • v1.13.0 2022-02-21

    google broke it again woo

    also more support changes added

  • v1.12.1 2022-01-29


  • v1.12.0 2022-01-02

    full on rewrite of google.com and some other fixes on translate

  • v1.11.0 2021-12-28

    added google messages, some other fixes

  • v1.10.2 2021-09-30

    very cool of google to break stuff right when i update

    this fixes them other sites like photos and shopping

  • v1.10.1 2021-09-29

    Google drive is now back to its 2014ish design

    and some others i guess

  • v1.9.4 2021-08-17

    fix search icon being blue

  • v1.9.3 2021-07-31

    fixed all logo related problems, and if you want doodles back theres a commented section you have to delete for it (ctrl+f doodle dysty)

  • v1.9.2 2021-07-28

    ok i lied i broke another thing (search tools)

  • v1.9.1 2021-07-28

    final one today i swear
    fixes some stuff that only happens logged in

  • v1.9.0 2021-07-28

    made books tab look older and fixed some logo problems

  • v1.8.0 2021-07-26

    fixed map results for when you click a map (and made it slightly better)

  • v1.7.0 2021-07-16

    actually fixed settings button and fixed some google maps buttons

  • v1.6.3 2021-07-10

    google apps popup fixed ((again))

  • v1.6.2 2021-07-10

    loads of fixes for videos page and search suggestions with temporary fix for settings button

  • v1.6.1 2021-06-26
  • v1.6.0 2021-06-26

    added google translate and login. added better support for windows smaller than 1280x720. unrounded more corners

  • v1.5.0 2021-06-15

    search bar now stays blue when clicked, unrounded some more things

  • v1.4.0 2021-05-29

    google logo now more accurate to the time period, and apps menu is now normalish

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