Thread Media Viewer

Comfy media browser and viewer for various discussion boards.

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Thread Media Viewer

Userscript that adds comfy media browser and viewer to various discussion boards.

Replaces any built in media viewer (the way images/videos show up when you click on them), and adds a concise and easily navigable media list box with all media files in a thread.

Toggle the list by pressing ` (backtick, right below Escape button). Settings and help are right there at the bottom of it.




Features highlight

All shortcuts are configurable.


  • Click any thumbnail (in a list or thread) to open viewer (shift+click to also open media list).
  • Fixed to the top right so you can browse while watching.
  • Use tab to enable full page mode.
  • Small videos/images get upscaled based on your configuration.
  • Hold left mouse down on an image for 1:1 zoom and pan.
  • Seek videos forward/backward with q/e or to a specific tenth percentile with 0-9.
  • Change volume with Q/E.
  • Volume and all settings are remembered and synchronized between all tabs.
  • space to pause, hold shift+space to fast forward.
  • Alt+q/e to control playback speed.
  • Alt+a/d to frame step.
  • mouse wheel on video to change volume.
  • mouse wheel on timeline to seek.
  • Right mouse button gesture down to close media view (hold, drag down, release).

Media files list:

  • Press ` (backtick, right below escape button) or right mouse button gesture up (hold, drag up, release) to toggle list of all media files in a thread.
  • wasd to navigate the list.
  • WASD to navigate the list while activating items.
  • f to toggle viewer for selected item, F to force close.
  • Navigating files scrolls the page to the post the file belongs to so you can read the attached message.
  • Little white squares on thumbnails indicate the number of replies the post has.
  • Pressing s at the bottom of the list scrolls to the bottom of the page to clear unread posts indicator.


  • Media navigation style from list is also applied to catalog.
  • wasd to navigate threads.
  • f to open in current tab.
  • F to open in background tab.
  • Ctrl+F to open in new tab and switch to it.
  • ` to open settings panel.

Currently supported sites

  • 4chan
  • thebarchive