GOG.com - Updated Thread Count in Title

Display a count of updated threads (and notifications) in the GOG favicon (and page title) and reload hourly so a browser tab can be used as an update notifier

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Since GOG.com doesn't offer any kind of e-mail notification for forum updates, this extension allows you leave your favourite threads list open in a tab and use it as an update monitor.

This has three benefits:

  1. You get the same kind of hourly updates you would from an RSS feed.
  2. You can tell how many threads have updated just by glancing at the favicon.
  3. The count also gets added to the page title so features like Firefox's "something changed" app tab glows work.

As GOG notifications have been known to not update immediately in the past, an "Ignore Stuck Notification Count" command is provided under the "User Script Commands" submenu, which operates as follows:

  1. After clearing out your notifications, reload the page and choose "Ignore Stuck Notification Count"
  2. When the option is selected, Greasemonkey takes note of the current value of each notification counter in the dropdown.
  3. If a counter stays the same or goes up, then the saved values are subtracted from it before display in the tab icon.
  4. If a counter goes down, it's assumed to be un-stuck and normal operation resumes for that specific counter.

Users of Greasemonkey 4 can find the "Ignore Stuck Notification Count" option in the page's context menu.

While the most recent release is currently only tested on Greasemonkey 4, it uses the polyfill for supporting the older APIs and has only been changed minimally from previous versions which were tested on Firefox under Greasemonkey 3 and Chrome under Tampermonkey.