Greasy Fork

Shined up real nice. - Updated Thread Count in Title

Display a count of updated threads (and notifications) in the GOG favicon (and page title) and reload hourly so a browser tab can be used as an update notifier

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v10 - Fix "replies in favourited threads get counted twice"
  • v9 - "Ignore Stuck Notification Count" now clears the favicon badge without a page reload
  • v8 - Move the count in the title to the beginning so it can be read in taskbar buttons
  • v7 - Refine the documentation and description
  • v6 - Also watch GOG's own notifications (with support for ignoring stuck ones)
  • v5 - Make the script robust in the face of "our servers are overloaded" responses
  • v4 - Display a red X bubble on the favicon if the user has been logged out
  • v3 - Un-break the URL whitelist after GOG moved to
  • v2 - Now uses Tinycon to also display a count of unread threads overlaid on the favicon
  • v1