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This script will add several shortcut buttons under each script item on the script list page and script author's home page of GreasyFork website. Including features such as direct installation, Temporarily hidden, blacklisting, and more exciting needs you to find out. And an input box was added at the top of the script list items, So you can filter out your own scripts by keywords.Author:浴火凤凰(QQ Number:307053741,QQ Group Number:194885662)

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The main functions of the script are as follows:

  1. Filter out the scripts you want based on keywords, temporarily hide irrelevant scripts, and display them if necessary
  2. The filtering operation supports second filtering operation based on the previous filtering result. For example, enter "Baidu" to filter out the script title or describe the script containing "Baidu", and other scripts are hidden.
    Then enter "Network Disk" again to filter out the script that contains both "Baidu" and the text "Network Disk".
  3. This script will add several shortcut buttons under each script on the script list page of the whole station and the user's script list page. You can perform the functions of directly installing the current script, temporarily deleting the current script, adding the current script to the blacklist, etc., respectively
  4. For users who often install scripts, it is very annoying to install the script's details page to install each script. The installation button generated by this script can be directly clicked to install the current script. You save a lot of time.
  5. For a long list of scripts, you can click on our delete script button after reading a script, so that the next script will be automatically filled up, so that you do n’t need to scroll the mouse wheel, and will never appear on the scroll Dazzling in the process did not know where I saw it.
  6. By clicking to add to the blacklist, we will add the script ID to the blacklist. The script added to the blacklist will be hidden immediately, and will be hidden for you automatically when the next page loads. If you want to view all scripts, including those in the blacklist, please click the "Show all scripts" button at the top of the script list. If you want to remove the script from the blacklist, first click "Show all scripts", then go to the corresponding script and click the "Remove from blacklist" button.
  7. This script also counts the total number of script installations under each user, and the total number is displayed after the user's name.
  8. Add quick entries such as code, historical version, feedback, and statistical data. Increase the width and narrow screen switching function.
  9. Add a filtering function to the script discussion area. In the future, if you want to take a look at the script feedback, you will no longer be afraid of the long feedback list.
    To see if the script has the function you want, you can first filter it by keyword. Or you can take a look at the filtering function provided by the script.
    The filtering function that comes with the script supports sorting according to no rating, good, ok, and bad .
  10. The website has multiple sections. After logging in and logging out, it will jump to the home page of the website, which is different from the common people's habits. This script adds a feature: after you log in or log out, it will automatically jump to the page you previously viewed.

Script update log:

2021-01-18: Improve the redirection function after login or logout with the website

2021-01-01: Due to the website revision, the code was modified to adapt to the new version of the website, and comments that the author has responded to are hidden by default on the user homepage

2020-08-21: Now click the install script button on the script list page, and the Violent Monkey extension can also be installed! ! !

2020-08-21: Due to the website revision, modify the code to adapt to the new website

2020-06-30: Due to the revision of the website, the code is modified to adapt to the new version of the website. The main modification is the script's feedback page. The filtering function can be used.

2020-05-24: Add automatic script filtering function based on keywords, you can set some keywords to filter out ads and junk scripts.

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