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This script provides a series of small tools to speed up the speed of your visit to the website and improve your work efficiency.

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The script function is still being updated, so stay tuned.


Functions provided by the current script:


1. Delete server redirection (Support all websites)


1. This script will automatically delete the redirect prefix URL of the hyperlink that is initially loaded on the page.

2. For dynamically loaded pages, as the mouse scrolls the scroll bar, new content is continuously added below the page. This script will automatically delete the redirect prefix URL of the hyperlink in the new content after the new content is loaded.

3. This script supports the whole network website through custom configuration, you can delete the redirection of
the website of the whole network, there are many delete redirect scripts, but most of them only support
some websites, you can no longer use this script as a script Do n’t worry about not supporting your
website, and do n’t have to wait for the script author ’s update to support your website.

4. Once the script is enabled, whether it is the new browser window address opened by clicking the hyperlink or the right-click on the hyperlink-the address of the link opened in a new tab, or the right-click-the address obtained by copying the link address is addresses without redirection prefix URL.

5. For users who do not know how a basic url works, we simply
popularize the basic knowledge, and see two types of websites similar to the
following, which are generally server redirection URLs.

In a word, general URL = starts a new URLwith http,the previous part( of = is the part we want to delete.



2. Return to page top Function (2020-04-19)


A "return to top" button will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the page with a height greater than 2000. If the page height is less than 2000, this button is hidden and does not occupy any space on the page.


3. Ctrl + Click to copy the title and domain name of the current web page (2021-09-03)

< DD > < H4 > sometimes we need to copy the title of the current web page. If there is no title content in the body of the page, the operation is very troublesome. Generally, we need to view the web page source code to copy the title. Therefore, a function is added: now you only need to Ctrl + click in the blank space of the page to automatically copy the title and domain name of the current web page to the system clipboard, Convenient for subsequent use 

4. Check which message functions the current web page has received (2021-09-03)

< DD > < H4 > simply through the developer tool console of the browser, you can see which browser extensions and oil monkey scripts have sent message communication messages to the current web page. You can also view the content of the messages, so that you can further understand what happened to the current web page

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