MTurk Wage Reporter

Tracks a best-estimate hourly wage on active HITs being worked.

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Mturk Wage Reporter I have created a userscript for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey that will be used to add an item to your dashboard displaying what your day's average hourly wage is. As an added feature, you can select any requester who you have done work for during the day and see that specific requester's average hourly wage. This script uses IndexedDB and stores all HIT data in a database for every hit you accept. Below are listed some of the ways this script will record and display the data.

  • HITs that are accepted are added to the database.
  • HITs are verified for calculation according to their existence in your daily status pages. This works off the same concept as Todays Projected Earnings.
  • HITs that are returned from the HIT page will be recorded in the database as completed zero-pay HITs since you worked without pay.
  • HITs that expire in queue will never be entered into wage calculations, however they will remain in the database.
  • HITs that sit in queue and are not being worked will have the time they sat in queue recorded. Subsequently that time will be subtracted from the calculation for hourly wage of that hit.
  • Wages are calculated by averaging all HITs for the day, however:
  • HITs that overlap in time will be averaged from the first overlap to the last overlap in a series, as is often the case with batches and working from queue
  • When you select a specific requester, only HITs completed by that requester will be calculated, governed by all of the same calculation rules otherwise.

Since this uses IndexedDB (the same technology HitDB uses) this will not cross browsers, it can only record data for HITs completed in the same browser. This may irk some people, but it's simply not possible to do this kind of data collection across browsers with javascript/userscripts.

I may be missing some information, and I will try to come back and update as I think of items. I encourage anyone with questions to please ask me so I can answer them to the best of my ability.

A special thanks to clickhappier and DCI for suggestions and guidance. Thanks to kurros, YAHU, sunsetblow, and ikarma for helping with testing.