MTurk Wage Reporter

Tracks a best-estimate hourly wage on active HITs being worked.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.7.5b 2014-08-01 date bugfix
  • v0.7.4b 2014-07-30 Added calendar to view historical data.
  • v0.7.3b 2014-07-30 bugfix for chart breakdown element
  • v0.7.2b 2014-07-29 Added an element to the chart div -- when you hover the bar for a specific hour, it will show you a breakdown for that hour of: Wage, # of HITs, and total Earned.
  • v0.7.1b 2014-07-28 timezone bugfix (was using 12h time instead of 24h time for charts)
  • v0.7b 2014-07-28 Script now uses Amazon time.
  • v0.6.7b 2014-07-25 Fixed export/import issues with firefox > chrome and chrome > firefox. Added charts!
  • v0.6.6b 2014-07-24 Fixed bug causing dashboard crash
  • v0.6.5b 2014-07-24 Minor bug fix in wage calculator.
  • v0.6.4b 2014-07-24
  • v0.6.3b 2014-07-24 Added button to clear cookies and rescrape status pages when HIT's don't appear to complete correctly
  • v0.6.2b 2014-07-23 Added ability to export/import/delete the database. Minor bug fixes.
  • v0.6.1b 2014-07-18 Fixed a bug preventing some PandA HITs from showing up in calculations, which also created inaccurate wages -- also cleaned up database closing methods.
  • v0.6b 2014-07-18 Updated database version... Nothing to see here.
  • v0.6b 2014-07-18 Added a cross check for HITs that have been submitted. A bunch of other stuff. Pretty much ready for people to start beta testing.
  • v0.5.1b 2014-07-17 jspretty the code, add dropdown to select which requester wage to view, minor bug fixes
  • v0.5b 2014-07-16 added updateurl
  • v0.5b 2014-07-16 Major update to code base -- huge upgrade to calculation function, needs extensive testing. Upgrades to error checking, status checking, bad HIT removal from database and more.
  • v0.4.2b 2014-07-16 Continued development. Not ready for live usage yet. Expanded math for wage calculation, added safeguards to prevent adding expired or missing HITs. Added formatting for dashboard. Set up groundwork for additional math to be included in the next update. Added a buttload of comments to the code.
  • v0.4.1b 2014-07-15 Comments comments comments, added logic to check for in-progress HITs
  • v0.4b 2014-07-15 adding functionality and testing
  • v0.3b 2014-07-15 First working prototype, displays hourly wage on dashboard. Need to expand greatly on the algo for calculating daily wage to take into account overlapping hits
  • v0.2 2014-07-15 Added insert to database, expanding on data collection and denial
  • v0.2b 2014-07-15 update code to base
  • v0.2b 2014-07-13 Removed some unused logging, fixed some formatting
  • v0.1b 2014-07-11