Quality of Life tweaks for Diamond Hunt 2

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A lot of on-click functionality has been temporarily disabled pending further discussion about the game rules with smitty

What is DH2QoL?

DH2QoL adds Quality of Life functionality to Diamond Hunt 2
It is the successor to Diamond Hunt's DHQoL

How do I use it?

To use it you'll need the Tampermonkey browser plugin. The script is developed in and tested for Chrome, however it may (or may not) work in other browsers.

Get the script!

Install DH2QoL directly from Greasyfork here!

Latest features

Other existing features

  • Greatly enhanced notifications.
    DH2QoL features persistent notifications for most available actions in the game. Smelting, woodcutting, farming, combat, rowboat, and canoe all have a persistent notification. Red notifications appear for actions that are already in progress or when there are no available actions and generally feature a timer. Green 'ready state' notifications appear for actions that can be performed, may include additional information (such as remaining energy for combat) and may have left and/or right click functionality.
    Smelting notification can be left clicked to open the smelting prompt, right clicking will perform the last action.
    Woodcutting notification can be left clicked to open the woodcutting tab or right clicked to harvest all trees.
    Farming notification can be left clicked to open the farming tab or right clicked to open the planter prompt if available.
    Combat notification can be left clicked to open the combat selection prompt.
    Canoe and Rowboat notifications can be clicked to open their respective prompts.
  • Potion Monitoring (Potion Helper). A green notification (vial of water) is displayed when any monitored potions are available to drink. Left clicking this notification will open the brewing tab, right clicking it will drink all of your monitored potions. Monitored potions are currently set to stardust and super stardust potions, however this will be cnfigurable in the future.
  • Batch Commands & Additional Functionality.
    Right clicking your bound furnace will attempt to repeat the last action
    Right clicking the vial of water recipe will attempt to craft as many as possible
    Right clicking a potion recipe will attempt to brew as many as possible
    Right clicking raw food will attempt to cook all of them
    Right clicking edible cooked food will attempt to eat all of them
  • Improved Timer Formatting. Changes all timers in the game to use the HH:MM:SS format or MM:SS format.
  • Additional Timers. Adds a timer for smelting, as well as an oil timer (time until storage is full or depleted). Adds additional information to woodcutting patch timers (tree name) and allows them to update in real-time while the tab is open.
  • Clickable Links. Links posted in the chatbox will be clickable!
  • Other Minor Tweaks.
    Net oil gain or consumption indicator
    Disabled ability to sell precious gems
    Disabled ability to sell crafting materials (glass, bars)
    Disabled ability to unequip gear in combat