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Posted: 2017-09-28
Edited: 2017-09-28

DH2 Fixed not working in Greasemonkey

Hi, don't know if you remember chatting with me in DH2 chat... I said that DH2 fixed had stopped working for me (my username is "dogsh*t").

Well I tried deleting all userscripts and reinstalling greasemonkey and dh2fixed but it still wouldn't work. But today I installed Violentmonkey with DH2 Fixed and now it works!

The weird thing is I then installed DH2QoL and Ted's Market UI (and disabled greasemonkey obviously) but those scripts then didn't work. To get around this I now have greasemonkey running QoL and Market UI and violentmonkey running DH2 Fixed and they all work.

Could this suggest some kind of conflict between the scripts?

EDIT: I just removed both greasemonkey and violentmonkey and installed just Tampermonkey with all the scripts and they all work fine.

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