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DH2 Fixed

This userscript adds some features and fixes some issues to improve your game experience.

Want to report a bug or suggest a feature? You can write feedback here on Greasy Fork, contact me on reddit via pm or leave a comment on the scripts reddit thread.

To get improvements for Diamond Hunt 1, go to DH1 Fixed.

Feature list (outdated - see changelog)

This list is outdated atm, sorry about that. Please check the changelog (starting at version 0.80.3) for more accurate information.

  • Adds completely new chat with pm tabs, clickable links, clickable usernames (to send a pm) and contextmenus for usernames, intelligent scrolling, chat command suggestions and a tutorial command (described here: https://greasyfork.org/forum/discussion/18965)
  • Adds smelting and tree growing timer and changes other timers to look like the ones in DHQoL for DH1
  • Adds information (instead of the text "1") for lots of bound items: capacity for furnace, oil cap for oil storage, tier level for tools, oil production for oil items, current state for boat/canoe...
  • Adds requirement tooltips for recipes
  • Adds browser notifications (the ones different messenger are using)
  • Adds calculated times until an event (like collecting sand) happened at least once with different probabilities (1%, 10%, 20%, 50%, 80%, 90%, 99%) - these information are available on hover in shovel popup and fishing rod popup (for all types of fish - can be seen here: http://imgur.com/a/ElG0g)
  • Hides different recipes of finished items (other than the game itself, this script counts also unbound items)
  • Fixes some inconsistencies like unformatted numbers (turning 1000 into 1,000) or alignment issues

What to expect in future updates

  • more and better settings (better in terms of integration and comprehensibility)
  • show images in chat on hover (for imgur, puu.sh, prnt.sc, gyazo.com and snag.gy) - lots of testing needed before I'll release this (especially to prevent injection)
  • add some resource management tools to keep track of what you need and what can be sold


Version 0.246.2 (2017-08-12)

  • added drink warning if potion is already active
  • added setting to disable item box captions
  • added displays of oil per second for pumpjacks and oil factory
  • added max age for market limits used in loot value calculator
  • added fix to highlight requirements for all spells
  • added sync feature for the local price history (see settings for more information)
  • added moving stranger leaf to brewing tab
  • added new price history graph with a select menu to search, add and remove items from the graph
  • added a setting to disable the topbar and one to disable the machine dialog slider
  • added filter options for activity log
  • improved ingame rocket notification to show its direction by rotating the image when the rocket returns to earth
  • changed npc name of "Zombie Goblin" to "Lizard" and "The Death" to "Grim Reaper"
  • updated notification text for very high wind
  • updated monster names to match those in wikia
  • fixed image of oxygen potion in sending hero dialog
  • fixed tooltip texts of achievement book and rocket
  • fixed capitalization of boat names in boat tooltips
  • fixed trigger for wind change notification
  • fixed display error in log after resuming a fight
  • fixed names of shiny monsters in log
  • fixed loot value calculator blocking creating offers of certain items
  • fixed display issue in activity log for resumed combat
  • fixed pms to and from sexy_squid (thx lassebrus and sexy_squid)
  • fixed wiki-link in new topbar
  • fixed logging stardust gained from crushing stardust crystals
  • fixed combat log for Ghostly Old Mage

Version 0.234.0 (2017-07-15)

  • added missing achievement chat icon
  • added gui for keywords (list, add, remove)
  • added gui for muted usernames
  • added energy per heat ratio to cooking dialog
  • added name for essence tree plant
  • added highlighting unfulfilled seed requirements (thx /u/somebody12345678)
  • added indicator whether a seed can be planted (thx /u/somebody12345678)
  • added fixes for tooltips of sail boat and steam boat
  • added return notification for sail boat and steam boat
  • added settings for amount inputs (number inputs, keep input, max button), stardust change observer and highlighting unplantable seeds
  • changed color of filling level to depend on time til the storage is completely full/empty
  • fixed showing chat icon even when unkown to the script
  • fixed showing the wind level on sail boat item box
  • fixed broken achievement image in fishing rod
  • fixed oil amount caption of oil pipe with achievement perk
  • fixed fish chance tooltip in fishing rod dialog
  • fixed showing tooltip when hovering over ready spells and being not in combat
  • fixed error in color transition function for storage filling level
  • fixed pluralized item names (e.g. "logss" should be "logs") (thx lassebrus)
  • fixed showing extra cooking xp in skill bar when "New XP-gain animation" is enabled (thx ktnn)
  • removed required page reload for the loot table sub tab setting

Version 0.218.1 (2017-06-30)

  • added showing more chat icons - mostly icons for maxed skills (sorry for adding this so late, I totally missed the release of these icons) (thx ktnn)
  • added remembering the item colors for price history until page reload (some are fixed in code)
  • added hiding recipes of sail boat and steam boat
  • added caption for the achievements book item
  • added color transition for oil filling level (instead of coloring either only white, yellow or red)
  • added logging a lot more stuff (e.g. how many items have been cooked/burned)
  • added notification for changes of wind for sail boat
  • added setting for rocket notification
  • added browser notifications for unlocking a perk/completing an achievement set
  • updated notification texts for market sells to show the number of sold items
  • updated stardust observer to show 0 when no change
  • fixed allowing the user to select the price history element
  • fixed converting inputs (e.g. in mute dialog) into number inputs (thx eegos)
  • fixed getting loot table achievement by clicking the tab when sub tab is enabled for loot table (thx lassebrus)
  • fixed required amount of charcoal for steam boat (used for highlighting the requirements)

Version 0.211.5 (2017-06-16)

  • added timer for rocket and charcoal foundry (additionally showing on charcoal foundry the remaining charcoal)
  • added notifications for landed rocket (one for landing on the moon and onther for landing on earth)
  • added local price history for items on the market (inspired by http://dhmarket.tk/) - since the history over there behaved sometimes very strange for me and some data might be corrupted by people misusing the logging system of Ted's UI (my explanation), I decided to add some fallback system (this local price history thing)
  • added max-button for recipe inputs (in crafting, brewing and cooking)
  • added disabling player market sub tab in shop tab for hardcore accounts (thx /u/somebody12345678)
  • added an oil filling level next to the oil amount with color encoding (thx /u/somebody12345678)
  • added handling paused combat for logging
  • added showing the possibility to send a boat in the send boat dialog
  • added some kind of rough loot value calculator (accessible through the activity log) using the lower and upper limit when creating an offer on the market
  • added keep-input when selling items to npc-store to set the amount of items you want to keep
  • re-added fix for promethium smelting time
  • turned input of different dialogs (e.g. selling dialogs) into number input (allow changing the content via arrow buttons)
  • updated xp values of fish (added whale and rainbowfish)
  • improved precision of logging caught fish
  • improved appearance of ingame notification boxes
  • reduced more margins and paddings for space efficient style (e.g. of ingame notification area)
  • fixed readabilty of remaining bars on smelting timer (e.g. when smelting glass)
  • fixed hiding tab-timer and extra information for short tabs
  • fixed position of plant images of dotted green leafs
  • fixed intelligent autoscrolling when page is zoomed (autoscroll kept getting disabled when new messages arrived)
  • fixed overlapping text when brewing some potions and option "new xp animations" was disabled (thx ktnn)
  • fixed vertical overflow for space efficient style
  • fixed hiding own messages if detected as spam (at least you should see how beautiful your spam is^^)
  • fixed width of encounter images in loot tables (thx /u/somebody12345678)
  • fixed considering number of available vials for brewing recipes max
  • fixed wikia icon in firefox (thx ktnn)
  • fixed alignment of castable spells
  • fixed negative stardust difference in stardust change detection
  • fixed number format in smelting dialog (e.g. of the required oil) and of km display for rocket
  • removed temporary fixes for some food tooltips

Version 0.197.9 (2017-05-29)

  • added parsing and integrating the drop tables into the combat tab (which hides the loot table item box; thx lassebrus for the help)
  • added counter of remaining bars before smelting is finished
  • added timer on tabs (when enabled in settings, the ones from DH2QoL are hidden)
  • added promethium level for furnace and oven (used for captions)
  • added captions for trowel tiers
  • added blue circle to item caption for items with bound orb
  • added processing more log messages
  • added fixing numbers in cooking recipe descriptions
  • added fix for some flow errors in item boxes (thx lassebrus)
  • added oil timer like the one from DH2QoL
  • added an early version of a space efficient style (disabled by default; see "Profile & Settings" to enable it)
  • added xp column and chance-tooltips for salmon, lobster and eel in fishing rod (and made the chance-tooltips more dynamic for future updates)
  • added incrementing counter of unread messages when chat is not scrolled to the bottom
  • added version number in settings header
  • changed back-buttons in combat sub tabs (removed all-caps and fixed vertical alignment of arrow-image)
  • changed combat log to health history
  • changed combat popup fix to apply to new images
  • fixed detecting finding maps instead of detecting solving them
  • fixed showing your own messages again even when you should be muted by your mute-settings
  • fixed browser notifications when sending pms and for metnion/keyword detection and setting "Show notifications…" is set to "always"
  • fixed formatting server message notifications (some doubled whitespaces or trailing commas)
  • fixed displaying monster name of combat log data
  • fixed logging xp of tree loot
  • fixed detection of gaining xp in brewing skill with brewing kit and showing the number of additionally brewed potions seperately
  • fixed energy amounts of tooltips for new food
  • fixed showing effect of oil pipe orb in item caption (100 oil per second instead of 50)
  • fixed updating preference settings after adding entries to the the default preference order
  • removed additional treasure map ingame notification box (in favor of the one from the game)
  • removed some obsolete tooltip fixes
  • removed unused code in observer notifier (which caused setting the updated values twice)

Version 0.184.1 (2017-05-12)

  • added some kind of activity log which currently logs: opened loot (boat, monster or tree), caught fish, added energy, added heat, leveled up skills and combats (still in development)
  • added captions for more items: gardener, brewing kit, magic book and all types of wands
  • added links to wikia pages for every item (can be disabled in settings); thx ktnn for the idea, concept and testing
  • added browser notification and ingame popup for finding essences (both configurable) (thx ktnn)
  • added new plant names to be shown on the farming patches
  • added tooltip fix for the new food items
  • added tiny "x"-symbols before amount numbers of items (can be disabled in settings)
  • added reconnecting mechanism for web socket for a smoother gameplay whenever your connection is unstable
  • fixed chat timestamps for Firefox and Edge
  • fixed vertical alignment of hero on spells page
  • fixed short timers with more than 0 days and no hours left (show "2d 00:31:20" instead of "2d 31:20")

Version 0.173.2 (2017-05-10)

  • added clear cmd to chat (and clear pm tabs on close)
  • added setting for colorize options in chat
  • added setting to disable spam detection in chat
  • added entry to contextmenu in chat to open user stats
  • added captions for some items
  • added caption for charcoal foundry
  • added short captions (e.g. for oil storage sizes) if necessary
  • added handling connection timeouts
  • added showing cooldown of cancel buttons on market (only if ted's market ui isn't installed; thx ktnn)
  • added consistency for click-texts in tooltips
  • added level progress for skills in top skill bar
  • added new xp-gain animation (with setting to disable)
  • added ingame notification box for worker when they have done their work
  • added ingame notification box for having a treasure map (thx ktnn)
  • added settings to manage the browser notifications: which one to show and whether they should be shown when the browser window is active
  • changed title of browser notifications when selling all items of a slot
  • reduced strictness of spam detection for repeated msg
  • improved timestamp-accuracy of chat messages
  • improved precision of mention/keyword detection in chat (thx lassebrus)
  • improved stability (w.r.t. future updates) of showing the smelting time
  • updated size of oil storage level 6
  • updated smelting information for promethium shown in smelting dialog
  • updated list of recipes to hide: added brewing kit and rocket
  • fixed for tooltips sometimes leaking out of the visible area
  • fixed for jumping combat area after countdown
  • fixed positions of some more monster images
  • fixed size of button images in combat panel
  • fixed item box of quest book
  • fixed style of chat settings in the options-dialog
  • fixed pm-tabs for users with spaces in their name
  • fixed size of tags in chat
  • fixed chat messages resizing when disabling icons
  • fixed caption of oil factory
  • fixed slider scaling in machine dialog to be always 10 machines wide
  • removed lots of temporary fixes

Version 0.140.1 (2017-04-13)

  • added warning when selling logs to npc shop
  • added slider for machine dialogs to set amount of working machines
  • added browser notification for finding treasure maps
  • added browser notification when own username or keyword mentioned in chat
  • added commands to add or remove keywords in chat (used for browser notifications)
  • added contextmenu for users in chat to open pm-tab or mute/unmute the player
  • added chat settings dialog with all chat related settings (plus options to disable showing timestamps, icons and tags)
  • added highlighting level requirement in cooking dialog
  • added using game setting for hiding recipes (instead of creating two independent settings)
  • added inserting max possible value in amount-input of crafting/brewing/cooking dialog
  • added rearranging top bar
  • added some alignment fixes (e.g. monster images in combat)
  • added tooltips for hero stats
  • added tooltip fix for promethium
  • added fix for boat and canoe tooltips
  • improved description of notification setting
  • improved browser notification for market
  • improved browser notification titles for harvest
  • improved text of welcome message
  • re-added first rough spam detection
  • moved crafting settings to crafting tab (above the crafting list)
  • fixed images in text hit splat e.g. for healing effect in combat
  • fixed tree names (no more camel-case)
  • fixed tooltips of timestamps in chat to be less annoying and sticky to the pointer
  • fixed updating the requirements when opening the furnace dialog
  • fixed number format in some (dialog) texts
  • fixed format of messages in browser notifications
  • removed obsolete fix for spinning wheel of giant drills

Version 0.119.5 (2017-03-30)

  • added clickable browser notifications for:
    • finished smelting
    • fully grown tree
    • harvestable plant
    • ended potion effect for: (super) stardust, bar and seed potions
    • returned boat (either the row boat or the canoe)
    • fully recovered hero who is able to fight again
    • an item has been sold on the market
    • private chat messages (pms); clicking will switch to the pm-tab of that user
  • added possibility to hide items which are useless for the user (disabled per default so uninformed users will not be surprised by disappeared items)
  • added preventing using spells outside of combat
  • added warning when trying to sell gems
  • added caption for oil factory which shows the number of factory workers
  • added tweak for compact fight dialog (reducing the size of the images)
  • added showing fishing xp for each fish in the fishing rod popup
  • added switching to pm tab when writing /pm username message
  • added maple trees and stardust trees to the list of plant names
  • improved getting the tree names to work better with game updates
  • fixed text hit splat when the hero fights a monster, but the combat isn't visible; this normally leads to hit texts which are shown in the upper left corner
  • removed some obsolete fixes (the skill bars are still not working correctly, so that fix stays)

Version 0.103.0 (2017-03-26)

  • added hiding recipes of oil factory and excavator
  • added showing required time in smelting dialog
  • added saving smelting bar and amount
  • added handling cooking dialog for uncookable fish
  • improved tooltip of whale and rainbow fish
  • fixed opening fight popup again
  • fixed updating brewing recipes when quest "Shouldn't take too long, right?" finished

Version 0.97.1 (2017-03-25)

  • added fix for healing effect in combat
  • added fix for volcano encounter images in fight popup (buggy - has been fixed in 0.103.0)
  • added fix for annoying tick in crafting xp tooltip
  • added fix for progress bars of skills (first realized here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DiamondHunt/60z9h9/)
  • added hiding caption of tree tap
  • changed timer format to short per default
  • changed muting people like game code does
  • fixed plant caption of dead plants
  • changed delaying cBytes-calls until the web socket is connected (instead of sendBytes)
  • removed obsolete fix for heat calculation

Version 0.89.6 (2017-03-21)

  • added showing plant names on farming patches
  • added fix for shown heat requirement when cooking
  • added fix for shown requirements of bronze bars in furnace dialog
  • added fix for wobbling quest rows in quest book
  • added possibility to toggle new chat live
  • added using equally distributed color generator for chat coloring
  • added chisel as tier item (for a future update)
  • fixed always showing the smelting timer as integer (no more .5 seconds)
  • changed tree timers to be tinted and short if possible

Version 0.81.0 (2017-03-19)

  • added hiding recipe of giant drills
  • fixed smelting timer (no more "NaN:NaN:NaN")
  • fixed issue with equal signs in links
  • removed temporary fix for seed grow time

Version 0.80.3 (2017-03-19)

  • moved the strange leaf to brewing tab
  • added caption for bonemeal bin
  • added style tweak for sturdust monitor of DH2QoL
  • added page-reload-warning when in a fight
  • added hiding pumpjack recipe when maxed
  • added hiding caption of combat drop table item
  • added hiding upgrade button for diamond rake
  • added fix for height of treasure maps
  • added fix for spinning gear of giant drills
  • added colorizing the chat
  • fixed sending pms to usernames with spaces
  • fixed sent links in pms when using DH2QoL
  • improved script to be more future proof

Version 0.64.6 (2017-03-11)

  • hotfixed new value update mechanism (update "March 10, 2017")

Version 0.64.5 (2017-03-09)

  • added hiding oil storage 5 and bonemeal bin (thanks to aguyd)
  • added showing capacity caption for oil storage 5
  • fixed furnace issues with DH2QoL (bing thanks to aguyd for finding the cause)
  • fixed overlapping text on tree chopping places
  • fixed allowing commands in pm tabs (like /tutorial to sent the beginner faq link in a pm)
  • fixed double linkifying in pms when using with DH2QoL
  • fixed escaping html entities in chat correctly (sent pm messages weren't escaped; now they are)
  • fixed scrolling when resizing chat box
  • removed temporary fix for crafting recipe of giant drills (since they are fixed officially)

Version 0.61.1 (2017-03-08)

  • fixed tutorial chat command

Version 0.61.1 (2017-03-08)

  • fixed chat command suggestions

Version 0.61.0 (2017-03-08)

  • fixed unusable magic in combat (sorry for that)
  • added tutorial command like in this thread (thanks to aguyd for the idea)
  • added suggestions for chat commands on typing
  • added settings for hiding crafting recipes and for using the new chat

Version 0.56.21 (2017-03-07)

  • added showing the remaining time of maple trees
  • improve boat caption to show there is only one boat at a time allowed
  • fixed setting tooltip of lime leaf seed with DH2QoL enabled
  • changed slightly delayed setting of autoscroll when using intelligent scrolling
  • huge performance boost for chat (especially with more than 900 messages - scrolling inconsistencies are fixed)
  • added tooltip for timestamps in chat

Version 0.56.8 (2017-03-05)

  • added close button for pm tabs (thanks /u/Spino-Prime)
  • added tooltips for requirements of cooking recipes
  • added fix for hero being clickable during combat
  • fixed some issues when used with DH2QoL (tree timers, oil consumption/production)
  • fixed always showing combat start timer
  • lots of improvements/fixes for chat:
    • removed vulnerability for zalgo text
    • fully restored copyability of the chat messages ("Server Message"s are select-/copyable again)
    • added chunk system for chat to improve responsiveness of the whole page with a long chat (activates at more than 900 messages): Groups chat messages in chunks (technically divs) to hide non-visible chunks and un-hide them on scrolling through the chat. This introduces important performance reduction (e.g. for reduced power consumption). Though it is so far only tested in Google Chrome. Please inform me about occurring problems via reddit: /u/TheZorbing.

Version 0.51.1 (2017-03-04)

  • added fix for updating cooking recipes
  • improved chat further:
    • made counter for new chat messages more prominent
    • moved tag to username to be more space efficient
    • reduced space used in pm tabs
    • fixed chat to produce complete and copyable text (includes time and user level)

Version 0.50.3 (2017-03-03)

  • added new chat style with pm tabs

Version 0.49.0 (2017-03-03)

  • added intelligent scrolling in chat
  • added fix for always showing combat countdown
  • removed some obsolete temporary fixes
  • removed obsolete notification boxes

Version 0.41.0 (2017-03-01)

  • added tooltips for recipes
  • added timer notification box for combat cooldown
  • added fix for updating brewing recipes
  • added capacity caption for oil storage 4
  • updated tier captions for tools
  • added tweaking style of oil production/consumption

Version 0.32.0 (2017-02-27)

  • added notification boxes for wood cutting and harvest
  • added hiding tool recipes directly after crafting (when they are still unbound)
  • fixed elements when receiving xp at login (approach no 2)
  • changed name of empty tree spot (for real this time)
  • fixed being unable to smelt 8 or 9 bars

Version 0.29.1 (2017-02-27)

  • added chance to time calculator (see feature list)
  • fixed injection possibility via chat links
  • fixed always starting smelting timer correctly
  • changed name of empty tree spot

Version 0.28.1 (2017-02-26)

  • added timer for trees
  • improved amount input in smelting dialog
  • added fix for grow time of green leaf seeds
  • added fix for exhaustion timer to tick always when visible
  • added fix for xp-texts at game join

Version 0.22.2 (2017-02-26)

  • fixed grow time of lime leaf seeds
  • fixed open links from chat in new tab
  • added fix for shown burn rate of oven
  • fixed item value updates
  • removed fix for magic tab

Version 0.20.2 (2017-02-26)

  • fixed recipe of oil storage 3
  • improved furnace timer to tick every second
  • fixed images in magic tab
  • fixed overflowing oil image in mining tab

Version 0.18.0 (2017-02-25)

  • improved timer format
  • added smelting timer
  • added showing item tier and oil production
  • added using a checkbox for autoscroll control

Version 0.12.1 (2017-02-25)

  • improved spam detection
  • added clickable links in chat
  • added information for some bound items

Version 0.9.0 (2017-02-25)

  • added spam detection for chat
  • added hiding recipes of oil pipe and row boat when bound

Version 0.6.0 (2017-02-24)

  • added hiding recipes of maxed machines

Version 0.4.0 (2017-02-24)

  • added fix for wobbling elements in wood cutting tab when hovering over one chopping area
  • added hiding furnace and oil storage recipes if they aren't better than the current level