WaniKani Context Sentences in Reviews

Shows the context sentence in the question during vocab reviews.

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Shows the context sentence of vocab during reviews. You can click on sentence during Meaning questions to show English sentence. Features editable in the script:

  • Rescale the question area to accommodate small screens (Default: no rescale; suggested is 75% for small screens).
  • Highlight vocab word in sentence (Default: off)
  • Choose to show context sentence only after correct answer (Default: always show sentence)
  • Option to set your level to mark unknown kanji in sentence (Default: no marking). Explanation for this feature: This is to encourage people in lower levels to read the parts of the sentence that they've already learned. As they progress, there will be less and less marked kanji. The kanji are marked by different colors: red/orange for unknown kanji and dark/light blue for kanji in current level (may be unknown if not yet unlocked for reviews). The difference in the shades of red/orange (and in light/dark blue) is only for readability purposes depending on the dark/light background color. You can also add kanji that you already know but haven't reached their level yet on WK, so they will not be marked.

Thanks to rfindley for providing the code to grab and extract the sentences.

Feel free to modify and post a better version of this script as I don't plan to maintain it for future needs. Suggested improvements: Store variables locally so that they are not reset to default every update. Get current level from API (currently must manually edit to change on every level up). For kanji reviews, display "used in these vocab" words, and for radical reviews, display "used in these kanji" (data that is available on their individual pages). Better sentence font-size adjustment, depending on screen size (currently stays same even when window is resized and everything else shrinks/enlarges accordingly)