WaniKani Context Sentences in Reviews

Shows the context sentence in the question during vocab reviews.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2.0 - forgot to remove my level
  • v2.0 - Option added to mark kanji in context sentence based on your level
  • v1.9 - Changed the way settings are set (using true/false instead of 1s and 0s)
  • v1.8 - Added option to show sentence only after correct answer
  • v1.7 - Added function to highlight vocab word in the sentence; better sentence transition (won't show old sentence between the time the vocab changes and the new sentence is fetched)
  • v1.5 - Allows editing to rescale the question area to accomodate small screens.
  • v1.04 - Changed name
  • v1.03 - Changed name
  • v1.02 - bug fix
  • v1.01
  • v1.0 - rfindley provided code for grabbing the context sentences
  • v0.1