GRO Index Search Helper

Adds additional functionality to the UK General Register Office (GRO) BMD index search

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Adds some basic functionality to the General Register Office (GRO) BMD index search.

- Adds button to toggle gender between Male and Female
- Adds buttons to navigate backwards and forwards through years
- Adds alternative results views for births & deaths
When using the alternative views, clicking a record shows/hides the 'order certificate' links.

- Supports user defined alternative results views
See below for more details.

- Adds ability to sort records when using alternative views
Note that sorting is only performed on the current page's records.

- Adds option to keep death age in sync with search year

- Adds access keys and quick keys:
# Switch gender and perform search
[ Decrement year by n years (1, 3, 5) and perform search
] Increment year by n years (1, 3, 5) and perform search
{ Decrement year by 10 years, without performing search
} Increment year by 10 years, without performing search
? Perform search
@ Switch record type (ie toggle between birth and death)
~ Switch results view (ie toggle between default and alternative)
| Copy results

- Hides some superfluous text on the form, reducing the clutter, and hides the reset button.

User defined results views
User defined views are supported using script values where the script value key must begin with view_EW_Birth or view_EW_Death. The value is the view, containing the CSS and HTML. The HTML is a Handlerbars.js template and may reference the result objects. See code for examples.

Currently only ViolentMonkey appears to allow users to view/edit/delete script variables, which can be done when editing the script, under the 'Values' tab.

Birth and deaths result objects have the following properties:
- items: array of birth/death records
- failures: array of errors whilst parsing results

Birth and death records have the following properties:
- gender: M|F
- forenames: string of forenames
- surname: string
- year: numeric value
- quarter: numeric value
- quarterName: short month name (ie Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)
- district
- volume
- page
- copy: occasional copy
- noForenames: flag indicating the forenames are not known and contains '-'

Birth records have the following additional properties:
- mother: mother's maiden name

Death records have the following additional properties:
- age: assumed to be years but may be uncertain due to limitation of GRO results
- birth: estimated birth year based on death registration year and age (assumes age is in years)