GRO Index Search Helper

Adds additional functionality to the UK General Register Office (GRO) BMD index search

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v1.20 2021-03-03 Updated libraries, fixed issue with access keys
  • v1.19 2020-11-10 Update libraries, fixed issue with ? access key, added sync age option for deaths
  • v1.18 2019-11-14 Improved parsing of reference, minor changes to alternate views and widened content area
  • v1.17 2019-11-11 Updated to handle death indexes for 1984 onwards
  • v1.16 2019-09-12 Switched to @match instead of @include, updated JS libaries, updated colours to match new GRO theme
  • v1.15 2019-02-17 Fixed parsing of death age
  • v1.14 2019-02-17 Updated to work with GRO index page changes
  • v1.12 2018-04-12 Fixed syntax error when using Chrome
  • v1.11 2018-04-11 Changed action 'Select results' to 'Copy results', added Occasional Copy to alternative views, added support for user defined views
  • v1.10 2017-11-15 Converted style and template blocks from inline resources to embedded strings, making the script compatible with ViolentMonkey
  • v1.9 2017-08-27 Hide tooltips
  • v1.8 2017-07-10 Added additional alternate views and updated JS libaries
  • v1.7 2016-12-01 Fixed parsing of references with slashes and no page; Added ability to sort in alternate views;
  • v1.6 2016-11-15 Added access keys and quick keys; Added ability to select results
  • v1.5 2016-11-11
  • v1.4 2016-11-11 Added alternate, simplified results views for births and deaths
  • v1.1 2016-11-05
  • v1 2016-11-05