WME Chat addon

removes duplicates messages, formats link and permalinks, and some stuffs

This script has been deleted and replaced by WME Chat addon.

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WME Chat addon

v0.2 (initial version)

  • removes duplicates messages (hide only, this is not a fix for WME bug)
  • Makes link clickable and opens in new tab
  • Transforms permalinks into clickable target without reloading WME
  • On messages, makes live user names clickable to teleport to
  • On messages, adds rank of user and date and time of post
  • Light blue background on new messages posted by you
  • Small "+" and permalink icon next to the input message area to insert current permalink


  • Chat top pannel (if open) or chat button (if closed) change color to dark red if someone type a message containing your name (case unsensitive). Returns back to original color when you send a message, or close chat window.
  • Bugfix on unsafeWindow detection


  • Configuration panel: link "Settings" next to the welcome message at top of message list
  • "My message background color" editable (in settings)
  • "Alert color" editable (in settings)
  • "Alert match word" editable and multiple words available: see tool tip text (in settings)
  • Play sound on new message (mutable in settings)
  • Play sound on alert (mutable in settings)
  • Remove messages of users not in the room (optional in settings)
  • Show date and time or only time on message (in settings)
  • Show date and time in lower font size, grey, and right aligned
  • Changed: in a message, the user name was a link to jump to. Changed to a "bip": insert a text containing the user name. (customisable in settings)
  • Target link next to the user name in a message to jump to (replace the link changed to "bip")
  • System message when a user join or leave the room (optional in settings)
  • Bell icon next to each user in the users list to insert the "bip" in the message


  • bugfix: scroll auto on fake system messages (has joined/has left)
  • bugfix: song on message from hidden user when hide message activated
  • bugfix: song on open new tab
  • settings moved on top bar
  • sort user list on user name or rank (user name for secondary sort)
  • top bar light grey when invisible
  • smileys: :) :D ;) :( :o :? 8-) :x :P :|
  • force room connection when editing near country boundaries
  • background color of alert keywords in message
  • click on highlihted keyword to remove alert


  • bugfix: bad permalinks are not converted to targets
  • added smileys: ^^ , :S , oO
  • TTS:
    • default is disabled
    • go in settings to enable it
    • change the language from 'en' to your language:
      • To get a valid language code, go to
      • type a word to translate
      • choose a language
      • if you can see a speaker icon at the bottom right of the text area, it means that this language is supported for TTS
      • look at the address bar: you should see: where your language code is between the # and the next /
      • use this code in chat addon
    • change the 'from username' to a custom string in your language
    • change the 'link to' to a custom string in your language
    • known bug: the second consecutive message of a user that posts duplicated messages is not 'TTSed'
  • Match pattern improved: set a word between two '$' to match the exact word. Eg: '$bob$' will not alert on 'bobbie'
  • System messages (...hAS joined ...has left) are better managed: if a second message is posted by the same publisher after system messages, the second message appears as a new message under system messages. (before it was glued to the last message from the same publisher, over system messages)


  • bells colored regarding user activity:
    • from green to yellow to red: 5 mins
    • back to green when message posted
    • back to green when user moves
  • bell changes to zzz icon if no activity for 20 mins
  • "new messages" bar length reduced to access to the scroll button
  • bugfix on alert keyword inside link


  • bugfix while selecting data after click on a permalink:
    • after WME loads data, or after some seconds, the chat addon will try to select data
    • if data is not available (not loaded yet, or element has been deleted), chat addon will ask you to try again
  • Sort on activity (enable it in settings). Users are grouped, and secondary sort is used inside each group
  • User sort is disabled when the mouse is over the user list. This avoids a click on the wrong user
  • bugfix on color fade of bell
  • bells replaced by chips when invisible
  • bugfix: smiley inside a link
  • tool tip text on permalink to show how many elements and what kind of element (segment, node, venue) are supposed to be seleted


  • bugfix: bells not working after a while
  • lines removed if sort user activity disabled
  • tooltiptext on username
  • Translation FR
  • bugfix: new WME: "has joined" and "has left" weren't displayed
  • sort on distance


  • German translation (thanks Bellhouse)
  • User name and rank on live user icon
  • bugfix TTS random failed
  • bugfix link not beginning with protocol (www.domain...)
  • Button to clear message list
  • Button to export messages as text and bbcode
  • Added rank on 'has left' and 'has joined' messages
  • bugfix: status icon (bell or chip) not updated after a room change
  • bugfix: Icon reloaded every second
  • bugfix: now, if you change room, you will not post your messages in the previously visited rooms
  • Join a room by entering its name

Important information: you can join a room that already exists on the waze server (a country name), but you can also create a room by entering its name. Even if I fixed the bug of posting in previous rooms, DON'T USE THOSE PRIVATE ROOMS FOR CONFIDENTIAL PURPOSES.



  • CM list: CM are invited to upload their username to a server. If they do so, you will see them in red if you are editing his country.


  • CM underlined
  • custom messages and sounds for user enter and leave the room.


  • TTS disabled


  • TTS is back thanks to
  • Bugfix for selection of a landmark in a permalink


  • small fix on CM detection


  • Added a 6th column in google forms or in "user names and sounds" for the color or the user name in the user list
  • Fix if responsive voice is not reachable because of firewall or any other reason
  • fix of playback rate of responsive voice TTS
  • For WME beta only: Added a button to switch to the prod chat server and vice versa


  • responsiveVoice image loaded over https
  • WME beta: permalinks translated to prod if chat connected on prod
  • WME beta: compatibility
  • History: loads the 10th last message of the room. You can contribute to history: see option in settings. Disabled on WME beta for security reasons.
  • Some infrastructure changes


  • WME beta: bugfix while saving settings and switching to prod chat


  • Small Bugfix: timing issue while loading on WME beta


  • New WME compatibility


  • quick fix tampermonkey 4


  • forgot to add responsivevoice in @connect


  • Compatibility with new WME (permalink insertion)


  • Fix TTS on history


  • beta editor compatibility


  • WME compatibility


  • New option to set default chat to prod in WME Beta


  • bugfix


  • bugfix


  • system messages are back
  • history fixes


  • Fix scroll issue with chrome


  • Room "Chaos" if your chat is broken
  • Optimisation on duplicated messages removal
  • System messages smaller
  • Ending / in the WME URL


  • compatibility with new WME


  • bugfix: clear messages
  • bugfix: export messages
  • bugfix: load history
  • bugfix: permalinks without ending /


  • New WME compatibility


  • bugfix: permalink insertion


  • New WME compatibility