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WME Chat addon

removes duplicates messages, formats link and permalinks, and some stuffs

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2018.07.05.01 - Update WMEChatAddon.user.js Fix message timestamp parsing for Firefox
  • v2018.06.29.02 - Update WMEChatAddon.user.js Updating ca_version - this is the version posted in the chat window and must be manually updated.
  • v2018.06.29.01 - Change server to wazedev for CM list and chat history, Update WMEChatAddon.user.js Changing getHistory's string replace to use regex to replace the newline character with html <br>, Bump version, Bump version for release
  • v2018.06.27.01 - Update to remove Waze object Switch Waze to W to prevent messages about deprecation Prevent attempting to download a non-existant Google doc
  • v1.23 - Really update to latest version
  • v1.22 - Update to latest version
  • v1.14 - Imported from URL