JR Mturk Noblis Image Finder Helper

Makes it easier to select answer for images of people.

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Applies to
Type 1,2,3,4,5,6 to select.
1) "covered or partially covered" OR Beard OR indoor or (0-19) or no occlusion
2) "not covered" OR Moustache OR outdoor or (20-34) or next button or submit button
3) "bad box" OR Goatee or (35-49)
4) "None" or (50-64)
5) "Not Visible" or (65+)
6) "Bad Box"

A test of a script to select radio buttons for the images of people. Should make it easier to select your answers for each image. After your selection it will scroll to the next image until the end. Pressing enter will submit it only after selecting something for each image. It will automatically select Not Present for each image and change the background color of the selection you are on. You can select your answer for each or scroll if all images are not Present but you will have to press the submit button on your own.

Now opens the url search in a new window. In firefox it should open a window under your current window all the way to the left of the screen. Best to put your work window to the right. It will also close the window after but may not be needed. In chrome the pop under doesn't work so you need to click back to your work window.

- CLOSE_POPWINDOW_AFTER variable at the top can change it from closing the pop under window or not.
- OPEN_URL_AUTO variable opens the window automatically. You can turn it off if you have another way of opening the url

1 = Person is Present
2 = Person is NOT present
3 = Can't tell if person is present
0 = No image is shown