JR Mturk Noblis Image Finder Helper

Makes it easier to select answer for images of people.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v0.18 2017-03-08 Added support for Grid Occlusion with 1 for no occlusion button and 2 for next or submit button. Also added more instructions for Quality Control Hits.
  • v0.17 2017-02-09 Added support for Quality Control Hits. Number 4 or n will go to next picture. Enter only works when submit button is shown.
  • v0.16 2017-01-26 Now dims the radio buttons until new image loads. Should scroll the image to the top of window.
  • v0.15 2016-08-10 Now works with the find subject hits
  • v0.14 2016-06-23 small fix
  • v0.13 2016-06-23 Works with the age hits now.
  • v0.12 2016-06-21 small fix
  • v0.11 2016-06-21 Works with indoor and outdoor hits
  • v0.10 2016-06-17 small fixes.
  • v0.9 2016-06-17 small fix
  • v0.8 2016-06-17 Works with facial hair now
  • v0.7 2016-06-14 now works with foreheads
  • v0.6 2016-06-14 Fixed for mouth hits
  • v0.5 2016-06-13 Now works with the new noblis hits
  • v0.4 2016-02-20 Now opens the image search url in a new window.
  • v0.3 2016-02-18 Changes color of the submit button background at very end.
  • v0.2 2016-02-18 Added backgroun color change and Not Present is automatically selected for all.
  • v0.1 2016-02-15