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Posted: 2017-11-26
Edited: 2017-12-16

Extract Block List from Greasemonkey Storage

Your block list is stored in a SQLite database. Here's how you can extract it.

(1) Open an online SQLite database viewer such as:

Update: I also created an extractor:

Keep this tab open because we are going to drag and drop a file onto it

(2) Open your currently active Firefox profile folder. This article has the steps:

Size this window so you can see the SQLite site behind it

(3) Double-click into the gm_scripts folder, then scroll down to the Google_Hit_Hider_by_Domain_(Search_Filter_Block_Sites).db file (sometimes the .db extension is not visible, but it will have a different icon from the folder of a similar name)

If you find a file with the shorter name Google_Hit_Hider_by_Domain.db, that may be from the days and very out-of-date now.

(4) Drag the database file onto the SQLite viewer page and it should immediately extract five data fields. The one you want is hideyhosts -- you can paste it into the Import panel of GHHbD running in Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.

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