Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Block unwanted sites from your Google, DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo search results. v2.1.2 2020-01-26

Jefferson Scher
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Easily Hide Unwanted Domains in Google Results

Want to filter out some useless, spammy or offensive sites from Google, DuckDuckGo,, Bing and Yahoo search results? Just click "block" to reduce a site's hits to a one-line notation, or hide it completely. No typing required.

For a one-minute video overview, and a detailed description of the script, please see the following page:

System Requirements

Google Chrome users: Install the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome BEFORE installing this userscript.

Firefox 57+ users: Install the Violentmonkey extension or the Tampermonkey extension for Firefox BEFORE installing this userscript. (The script is partially compatible with the new Greasemonkey but it's not quite there yet.)

Firefox 52 ESR users: Install the Greasemonkey extension BEFORE installing this userscript.

Other Browsers: I have no idea...

Disclaimer: Google search is a very complex application, so there is no guarantee that this script will work for you. The author is not responsible for you missing a result you might have liked to see, or other malfunction of the script. Use at your own risk.


If you need to extract your block list from before Firefox 57 and move it to Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey, or to the newest Greasemonkey, please see:

Questions and Problems

You can find explanations of most functions on my site here: If that does not help, please use the "Feedback" tab to start a new discussion.


v2.1.2 - Fixes for Google "cite above" layout(s), Google carousels, Startpage, and Bing v2.1.1 - Adapt to Google Images changes; handle ftp: result URLs v2.1.0 - Bug fix for users who customized button captions; added v2.0.9 - Ecosia web search; Add All feature to immediately block all unblocked domains on the page (display the list you want them added to first) v2.0.8 - Adapt to new Google image results layout v2.0.7 - Update for new results structure on (thread) v2.0.6 - Improve Manage Hiding dialog performance with long block lists (thread) v2.0.5 - Bug fixes for image search and do not block partial IPv4 addresses (thread); streamline list-generation code v2.0.4 - Adapt to Bing change on Firefox, exclude Recaptcha frames, allow importing 1-character domains v2.0.3 - Minor fixes for Google Images,, Bing (Bing's still broken on Chrome) v2.0.2 - Emergency fixes for (still some weird layout issues...); minor fix for Adwords results page v2.0.1 - Partial fix for breakage in Bing on Chrome v2.0.0 - Fixes and added domain support for DuckDuckGo; some code streamlining v1.9.9 - Fix bug with ~ button and integrate .tld option v1.9.8 - Initial support for .tld blocking (e.g., use Import to add ru.tld to block .ru results); fixed buttons for (for Tampermonkey; Violentmonkey can't apply the script to v1.9.7 - Fix List Util button (remove use of initMouseEvent) v1.9.6 - Support AdWords testing results page; MyWOT and other bug fixes v1.9.5 - Tweaks for Google, Google Images, and Bing results page changes v1.9.4 - Fixes for Baidu blocking (see: Baidu works not very well) v1.9.3 - Update Baidu support (see: Baidu Support (v1.9.3+)) v1.9.2 - fixed missing GHHbD button on Google image results, initial support for Baidu web results v1.9.1 - Replace GM_addStyle (hat tip: problems with non gm engines) v1.9.0 - Greasemonkey 4 compatibility (lightly tested, subject to glitches!) v1.8.3 - fixed missing block buttons on, added support for Qwant web results v1.8.2 - import can completely replace your current list, tweaks for Yahoo results v1.8.1 - ability to remove subdomains from partial domain in block form; block featured snippets v1.8.0 - minor tweak for Google; compatibility with uAutoPagerize on Yahoo and Yahoo Japan v1.7.9 - initial support for metasearch (general/news), minor CSS corrections v1.7.8 - fix bugs on Google Image results v1.7.7 - find real domain in highlight links, restore GHHbD button on Google Image results v1.7.6 - adjust placement of the block button to avoid overlaying title or WOT icon v1.7.5 - work around script change on Google images, initial support for web search v1.7.4 - fix unblocking bug on Google image search v1.7.3 - adapt to style change on Google image search v1.7.2 - tweaked style rules for block button in the cite line on Google v1.7.1 - adapt to layout change for top result in some Google searches v1.7.0 - support for Bing and Yahoo web search, various fixes for Google Images, GoogleMonkeyR, style rules v1.6.9 - partially restore blocking on Google Images (perma-ban results are blank, not deleted) v1.6.8 - override style rule on DuckDuckGo that truncated the block dialog v1.6.7 - fixed typo affecting the Autopagerize extension ( v1.6.6 - quick fix for changes to Google web results layout of 7/22/2015 v1.6.5 - updated for current Google images layout, remove blank spots in GoogleMonkeyR layout, fix +site/-site v1.6.4 - recognize URLs after Google modifies them to tracking links v1.6.3 - changed @include's from .tld to .*, added detection for In-depth articles section of web results v1.6.2 - fixes for new DuckDuckGo results layout