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Adds features to YouTube player page: fill window with video, stretch, float video, set HD 4K 8K resolution, hide annotations and ads, click skip ads, click show more, loop, replay a video segment, pause at start/end, zoom and pan video.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-03-29

Thank you very much for your fabulous work, this script works great. You are awesome.

Bug report: a minor bug, this script does not always work at the first video. May be due to yt's async hydration ui, and the script seems to be loaded after the video init (the first video played evades the script).

open yt video url.
video element is loaded and then starts playing with whatever default quality yt decides eg 720p, but not according to script quality setting eg 480p.
yt continues to load other ui elements such as comment section, related videos section.
click and go to another yt page.
after seeing a glimpse of previous video (like a freezed screenshot), only the video element is refreshed async with new src, it plays with quality set by this script correctly.

Posted: 2023-04-03
Posted: 2023-04-07

Edited the rating. The link I posted earlier is my forked version containing a small tweak. Please feel free to take all or part if you find it useful, as in a github pull request. Grad to delete my fork upon your request.

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