YouTube Player Controls

Adds features to YouTube player page: fill window with video, stretch, float video, set HD 4K 8K resolution, hide annotations and ads, click skip ads, click show more, loop, replay a video segment, pause at start/end, zoom and pan video.

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Inserts a cog button under the YouTube video player with the following options:

  • Fill window with video
  • Stretch video
  • Float video
  • Set resolution to HD, 4K, 8K
  • Hide annotations and ads
  • Auto click skip ads
  • Auto click show more
  • Pause at start/end
  • Loop video
  • Replay segment
  • Pan and Zoom

You can also access the options from the Tampermonkey menu. You may choose to hide the cog button.

Resolution: the video will be set to the chosen video resolution. If that resolution is not available then the video will be the set to the next available highest resolution. The OFF choice will leave the resolution unaffected by this script.

Fill Window: the "Stretch" option expands the video's width or height, whichever is larger in the visible area, while preserving the original aspect ratio. The stretch option is useful for ultrawide displays and narrow displays (i.e. when you flip the display vertically). The "Hide Search" option helps to maximize the visible area of the video by automatically hiding the search bar at the top. The search bar is revealed again when you scroll down the window.

Float Video: the option "Small Float" allows a small video size to float on the page as you scroll. You can place the small float at one of the four corners of the window. Simply click the button "pos 1" and it will cycle through the four positions. For bottom placement use "pos 1" or "pos 2", and for top placement use "pos 3" or "pos 4". In the fill window mode, the float is automatically small and always appears at the top.

Replay Keys: to replay a segment of the video, use the keys E and R. Press E to mark the beginning of the segment that you want to repeat. Press R to mark the end of the segment. After you press R the replay of the segment starts immediately and enters a loop. To cancel the replay press ESC or E again.

Pan and Zoom: this only works in the fill window mode. Use the keys Z and X to zoom in and out the video. Use the keys G, H, Y, B to pan left, right, up, and down. You can also pan with mouse, click on the video and while you press the mouse key drag the video with the mouse. Press ESC or CTRL+SHIFT to reset the video to its original form.

This script has been tested with Tampermonkey on the browsers: Chrome, Edge, Brave, Firefox, Opera.