Popurls Classic Black Style 2019

Brings back Popurls classic black theme, perfectly restores and improves former functionality while adding fullsize image previews.

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note: since creating this script, Popurls turned into a paid service, this script may not work properly with their updated design
I can highly recommend theweblist.net as a good and free alternative

All colors and styles are an *exact* re-creation of the original site, the css values were copied from a locally saved html backup file that I found on my hard drive, dated 2014, from the original popurls.com black site.

v3.0 (11/10/19) - uses greasyfork css system
v2.0 (12/12/15) - added toggle feature 'expand all news feeds' to permanently display news feed columns expanded or collapsed
                              the preference is stored for return visits, this link toggle is located at the top right of the page, under search box
    Updated list of modifications:
  • classic black favicon.ico - found original file still on popurls.net (related site), converted to base64 string
  • original background #0E0E0E
  • original font size 0.9em
  • original a { link, visited, hover, active } link colors - using custom external css file
  • original article divider lines color
  • original hover color behavior, the current white theme removed hovers
  • resized article thumbnails to fit original black theme line spacing
  • introduced fullsize improved popup image functionality to adjust for resized thumbnails
  • restored classic 'More' links using http://cdn.popurls.com/get/100322/i/b/mm.gif - the original image file still hosted on popurls server
  • inverted main graphics colors to work with black theme, i.e. from current white to original black background
  • inverted popurl main logo colors
  • inverted column header banner colors
  • improved qTips text popup tooltips going from 'default' to 'light rounded' theme - using external css file hosted on cdn