HTML5 notifications on Spotify Web Player

Adds silent song notifications with title, artist and cover art

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Review: Bad - script does not work

Posted: 2019-03-24

not working


Posted: 2019-03-25
Edited: 2019-03-25

It does not work anymore because Spotify Web now is HTML5-based and they have completely ditched the hidden Flash Player DRM audio player.

Turns out they now use HTML5 media extensions to play DRM <audio/> with CENC in .m4a containers that can be auth'ed with either Widevine, PlayReady or FairPlay 2.0. Depending on your client and which DRM clients it supports.

So yeah, working as intended. Breaking Widevine and other plugins is perfectly tractable at the hardware protection levels they are used.

The only somewhat strong DRM is the one requiring secure processors like SAMU modules on AMD GPUs that already handle HDCP and other stuff. But that is only used for 4K content in places like Netflix.

Usually people just rip them through the analog audio output recording, though.

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