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Krunker.IO Aimbot & ESP

Locks aim to the nearest player in and shows players behind walls. Also shows a line between you and them.

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مراجعة: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 25-11-2021
Edited: 25-11-2021

I had noticed that script not working at all. I added alert(); on start of the script and nothing happend, but tampermonkey says that scripts is active. I had changed the


to all and its seems to be working. But "G" event still not working.

Posted: 25-11-2021

I figured out what was causing it. There is some anti cheat in the game now that blocks all userscripts. It is ez to bypass.

Open krunker, switch to other tab for a few seconds. Switch back to krunker tab. You have bypassed the blocker. I might try to patch their script blocker.

Posted: 04-02-2022

for me it still doesnt work

Posted: 06-02-2022

it works now

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