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Youtube Video Ratings Bar with Power Meter (DISABLED)

This used to display ratings bar on YouTube thumbnails, but Google has blocked how it gets its data. I'm disabling it for now in case people still have it running.

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Posted: 30-03-2020

My script sort of works, perhaps you could bring yours back!

Thanks for maintaining your script, even if it's just to save our CPU usage!

After YouTube broke your script, I resumed work on my own script to fetch the likes/dislikes data. It's kind of ugly but it seems to work about 80% of the time.

It only triggers when you hover a thumbnail, and it takes a few seconds before the results appear.

It loads the entire HTML page of the target video and then inspects it, so it's quite heavy. Probably not a good idea to run lots of these in parallel!

But perhaps it can offer some inspiration for how to get your prettier script up and working again. Cheers!

Posted: 20-10-2020

I just posted an update about my YouTube ratings bar script in the description box. I'm currently testing a new alpha version and might release it someday. If I did, I don't know if I'd release it as a completely new script or update the current one. The main issue I'm having is I'm going to have to force everyone to create their own YouTube API keys. This would probably piss some people off, especially if I spam their YouTube page with a notification about it out of the blue, looking like some malware. But I'm nowhere near that point right now.

Anyway, I'm just giving you a heads up since you posted a comment months ago which I only noticed just now (this account was linked to a dead email address).

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