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Youtube Video Ratings Bar with Power Meter (DISABLED)

This used to display ratings bar on YouTube thumbnails, but Google has blocked how it gets its data. I'm disabling it for now in case people still have it running.

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مراجعة: Good - script works

Posted: 01-03-2016
Edited: 01-03-2016

Great, but the powerbar is a little problematic

This is a cools script. The powerbar is a good idea, but it significantly impairs judging the like/dislike ratio, because it's in the same line.

I'd rather prefer it in a different line by default, similarly to how it appears when I hover. I also can't see why they couldn't be 1-3 pixels in height.

In my opinion something to suggest the number of views (or ratings) might have some merit. Because all three bars are rather irrelevant when it's really low.

Is hates bar a removed feature? I see it referenced in the CSS script

Posted: 01-03-2016
Edited: 02-03-2016

hatesBar is just the internal name for this dashed segment of the blue line:

1-3 pixel thickness is available via the UserStyle.

The script takes into account whenever view counts are low. For example, if you have a video with ten views and ten likes, it's not going to put a full Power Meter on it. As a video gets more views the algorithm adjusts itself.

Split lines is probably something I can add via the UserScript. But really, the like/dislikes ratios don't tell you much by themselves, and they are often manipulated by trolls. That's what the Power Meter is all about, actually. It's like a troll-proof replacement for the green bar.

Posted: 02-03-2016

Cool. Lower than four pixels wasn't available for the style when I made my post.

I just found the section about the hatesbar. It just made me realize that the powerbar overlaps the likes bar. Until now I thought that the green and red bars are compressed to the right. It further confirms my belief that powerbar would be better off in a separate line.

Posted: 02-03-2016

Unless you see stripes on the bar, like in the pic above, then just think of it as being green.

The problem with the green/red bar is that it is susceptible to tampering. The Power Meter detects and corrects this fairly common issue. For example, say there's a video about a sensitive topic such as politics, and a bunch of Redditors rally together to downvote it. The red/green bar for that video is only going to show you what they did, giving you a false impression of the actual quality of the content. The Power Meter algorithm knows about this and it cancels them out.

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