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Neverwinter gateway - Profession Automation

Automatically selects professions for empty slots

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Neverwinter gateway - Professions Robot, (MOD7)

Gateway closed and end of one era in NW.

As game fading and became uninteresting... I stopped playing and therefore I also "leave" this script "As it is".

I wish that NW some day returns back to its original Glory - place where you could have fun with friends, but now even botting in it became dull_useless action...

Special THX to Mustex/Bunta, your script is still unique tool for NW professions via gateway.

By craptic greed action they cutted AD gain from Leadership but returned it to Gateway. Use other Professional methods to keep AD flowing,

Recommended Astral website they have solution for this.

There is allways somekind solution for problems, just need find what fits yours, Cheers, RM

Short guide for Buntas Bot (you may like look videos too script in action 1 and script in action 2 , videos are user made ;) ...)

Look also G i t h u b b e r s version for different flavors of this script.(use respective script page for support)

Step ZERO, Get Tampermonkey & Install script. Follow picture numbers below, use ZOOM if menu is not visible.

  1. Make your browser Default page. (use Chrome user profiles or Portable chrome)

  2. Load Gateway page, look TOP right on your Chrome screen, click preference.

  3. Just fill Username/password.

  4. Save and Apply.

  5. RESET all (for autostart)

  6. Script fills Neverwinter profession slot automagically... and more...

Need help, have question, look links first,(FAQ coming one day...)

Please read first and try find solution, then continue threads... or star new one.


Script functions,

  • fills character names, character count
    • make fresh install or set first character name as "Character 1"
  • fills professions slots
  • level professions
  • Auto level 20(Option)
    • skip lvl20 reached task slots NOT Leadership
  • sell Gathered T1 - 3 raw materials
    • select "Vendor/Maintain Prof Crafted Levelup & Gathered Items" & character must have less than 2 piece gold
  • Transfers AD to one chracter (account)
  • Open rewardchest(99) per session
  • Advanced sell filter with "safeguards"
    • prevent unwanted sells(user editable from script body)
  • "Vendor/Maintain Prof Crafted Levelup Items"
    • keep your bagspace NOT filled up(user editable from script body, controlled By "safeguards")Updated tailoring.
  • AutoVendor junk!!!
    • trashing unwanted items(user editable from script body, controlled By "safeguards)
  • SCA daily Rolls, no Adventure ZONE added

Contains helper script what add´s,

  • "Auto Vendor"
  • "open all(99)"
  • "Sell all"

, buttons when managing account via Gateway.

If you need "How To help" or have some smaller issues with script join GreasyFork forums, no official help, but allways some user may have answer if they are solved similar situation what you are encountering.

Script is tested with Portable Chrome + Tampermonkey (updated versions) if you find that script works with some other browser + xxxMonkey feel free to tell it.

Reported and known non-working combinations,

Firefox + GreasMonkey (failure after GreasMonkey 2.xx update and reported failures after Firefox update) Opera + Tampermonkey (this works with proper extensions)

This script is originally created by Mustex´s,

Devs & Contributors from, Msc, Kreese, Frabtik, miah, Traktor, Eversor.

It is then Modified by Bunta,

Devs & Contributors from, and, Bluep, Numberb, mac-nw, Phr33d0m, BigRedBrent, Noonereally, Brent, Glowing Crystalline Entity, WloBeb, Kakoura, Nametaken, rotten_mind, Frankescript, dlebedynskyi, breadguy... and maybe multiple other persons.

Look script update history to locate all,

RELEASE NOTES(script has only latest changes all others are here)

  • Swordcoast run auto reset fixed(reset changed to week day based)
  • added Skip 25 (noted as @Kakouras favour ;) )
  • added SCA automation, runs SCA can set by time, ToDo, callback for rolls
  • panel has now info for SCA runs done, 4 times per day
  • banker is not default on
  • reload intervalls now 4 hours(for SCA completion and stability) Ninja Release
  • reset for settins excluding user/passw.
  • added exception for bandit clues
  • leadership is good now
  • added counter for "undefine" & "Epic button" -error (temporal solution to see count) also button to console.log
  • added "Epic button enabled" -bug recovery (test)
  • added Black Ice refining lvl 4 - 5
  • FIX non-EN task filter
  • added "Vendor Gathered" + Tradebag, Gold treshold is 2
  • added "Unstable potions" Vendor list
  • added "Noonereallys" way fetch character names
  • added "Auto level 20", skip profession after lvl20 reached -option
  • added "Leadership lvl 3" -check
  • MOD6
  • MOD6 profession check
  • mining claim 10/1000
  • Inv. sell. check 10 slot free
  • version number
  • training assets FIX, works properly with different languages
  • added error trap for "undefined error"
  • Jewelcrafting tasklist 20 - 25
  • LeadershipXP miningclaims limit up 1000 1.10.5
  • Mod6 additions
  • Vendor list updated 1.10.5PreMod6.04
  • Leadership task updates 1.10.5PreMod6.03
  • exclude list update 1.10.5PreMod6.02
  • added task selection if specific item not in inventory "Mining claim" by WloBep
  • added loop counter to prevent infinite loop when "Start task" -bugged
  • tasklist edited
  • some other changes by user "Glowing Crystalline Entity" 1.10.5
  • Mod6 professions added
  • added Empowered Aquaregia
  • ZAX FIX 1.10.4
  • profession sell filter update 1.10.3
  • HOTFIX, setting save reverted to old to preven unwated settings wipe. 1.10.2
  • added "check currencies" for buy resources
  • added "Gathering" task 1.10.2RC1 for Greasyfork
  • UI improvement
  • removed "Save Task" & "Clear Task" buttons, on current build they do nothing
  • replaced JAVA string search(partially) for better multilingual support(tooltip translation not included)
  • reverted tasklist order to old(cosmetic change)
  • Replaced defaultTasklist with tasklist
  • Clear saved settings before re-saving
  • Added leadership asset auto buy
  • Improvements for AD transfer and reports to console log
  • added missing asset names
  • Added "Leadership XP" use second tasklist
  • Added "Gateway_Reward" collection
  • Added vendoring Rank 3 enchantments and runestones to UI
  • Added "Vendor all Altar Node skill kits" to UI
  • Edited vendoring rank 1 and rank 2 enchantments 1.10.1
  • Patern undefined bug fix 1.10.0 - Release Candidate
  • Vendor exclude filter has now higher "Safeguards" (it still might need added some unbound items eg. Glyphs, potions, etc)
  • Added vendor safeguards
  • Separated autovendor and profession items vendor
  • SCA daily reward collection by cycling through all configured characters (leaving SCA page will cancel the collection)
  • Multi URL support for testing
  • Support for gatewaytest, RU gateway ( and regular gateway
  • RC2 for ver.
  • Added vendoring to UI
  • Added vendoring "safety" setting what check item is "unbound"
  • Code clearing
  • RC1 for ver.
  • Rebuild sell items selection method making it more comprehensive
  • Vendoring function now use array to vendor item objects
  • Updated vendoring list
  • Sell all runestones and enchantments rank 1 & rank 2
  • Limit, altars 80, skill kits 50, healing potions T 1 - 3 10
  • Re-edited warning "Tooltip"- selecting "what skill kit character not need" when selling
  • Merged back the split of the pause function
  • Added a parameter to specify pause/unpause/toggle (defaults to toggle as in original behavior)
  • Tasklist updates BETA
  • Edited "sell items" list
  • Edited/added WARNING´s on tooltip BETA
  • Added "sell skill kits", works same as "open_rewards" (experimental, inventory cleaning needs more specific "sell filter" and event what trigger "sell")
  • Changed switching character and completing character task logic, trying prevent wrong task execution after switch
  • Refined "save settings" function
  • WinterEvent tasklist got new additions 1.05.01G
  • Github release
  • Minor tasklist updates
  • Added button "open all(99)", opens rewardchest
  • Fixed "open rewardchest" disconnect issues(need furter testing, RM)
  • Fixed unnecessary ZEX visit´s -
  • Info page updates for non-compatible browser/XXXmonkey
  • WinterEvent tasks added
  • Added AD transfer automation
  • Settings Panel UI: Increased size and implemented two columns for options to minimize vertical length. Also implemented new radio and button styles.
  • UI feature: Limit the gateway popup notification messages that appear at the top of the screen to a max of 2 notifications. The oldest (first) notification will always be removed when reaching the limit.
  • Added Reward Chest Opening Option
  • Added All button when selling from inventory
  • Added condition check for profession slot input val > 0 when processing tasks (v1, mod 5)
  • Started with bluep's edits (
  • Edited back in leadership asset priority (
  • Edited in Jewelcrafting for Mod5 (
  • Modified the default leadership tasks to prioritize AD generation (feel free to rever) /* End Bunta's Edits?
  • Fix some gem trading tasks not being filtered correctly
  • Add check for gateway disconnected
  • Fix leadership tasks not creating assets correctly
  • Add option to save task lists per character (experimental)
  • Rewrite script using client.dataModel methods to massively improve reliability and performance (thanks Msc)
  • AD refining will now only attempt to refine if you are able to collect diamonds
  • Change task lists to use exact task names so no ambiguity exists (no longer requires excluderare option)
  • Asset resources are now trained as needed (only for required slots)
  • Fix resources not buying correctly in all cases
  • Fix pause button state saving correctly in firefox
  • Add page timeout reloading functions outside of main function (thanks Kreese and Frabtik)
  • Add check to ensure tasks are being started for the correct character
  • Alter next run resolve function to use delay parameter to allow for unique delay timers to be used in certain cases
  • Fix ingredient task selection to correctly iterate through all ingredient tasks
  • Alter character selection to pick only exact character name matches
  • Update leadership tasks
  • Exclude alchemy from rare task exclusions due to Aqua Regia (thanks Eversor)
  • Reduce GM_setValue calls to avoid tampermonkey failing to save settings (thanks miah)
  • Altered mutichar selector to be faster (thanks miah)
  • Updated rare tasks selector (thanks Traktor)
  • Add option to refine AD during character switching (thanks Eversor)
  • Added some level 20 gather tasks
  • Increased supply buying to 100 units
  • Added Multi-Character support
  • Added function to clear all saved settings for script
  • Remove disable sound functionality (now configurable in gateway)
  • Added pause button to allow easy on/off switching
  • Added option to enable/disable filling optional asset slots
  • Added batch potions tasks to be skipped in ingredient selection
  • Added timer to reload page if stuck loading for too long
  • Added option to disable page sounds
  • Updated license to by-nc-sa
  • Add configurable option for excluding rare tasks
  • Add ability to specify specific level for tasks and configure same named artificing resource tasks to request correct level of task
  • Remove purchase notification that never times out
  • Added functionality to purchase required resources from gateway shop
  • Add Artificing and Weaponsmithing to Robot (Artificing will not work properly yet as all three tiers of gather and craft tasks have the same task name)
  • Update reload process
  • Fix optional asset selector with gateway update
  • Simplify asset selection after they fixed bug in previous gateway update
  • Update level 20 leadership tasks
  • Update with changes in Mustex's script (version 15)
  • Added a secondary timer that will reload the gateway every few hours. This should help with disconnects from the server
  • Implemented tooltips for settings panel
  • Repeat task reordering for +2 armor
  • Fix selection of assets after gateway update
  • Skip intensive gather tasks added after gateway update
  • Change ordering of tasks and ingredient checks The purpose of this is to allow crafting of +4 armors if you have +2 ingredients in your inv but to not create them if you don't. Creating the ingredients for them is less efficient than crafting ingredients for pants but is more efficient if you already have the ingredients from earlier tasks.
  • Optimise crafting tasks for highest exp/min gains due to ingredient requirements
  • Add extra craft tasks for when residuum runs out
  • Only allow rare tasks to be selected for Leadership This avoids craft loops where higher quality rare crafts require ingredients with the same name
  • Alter craft tasks to favour armor to optimise inventory space
  • Fix script restart bug when no tasks found
  • Update search string for Potions (After the task names for elxiirs have been changed)
  • Remove logon error skips to avoid logons sometimes failing on first load (ensure logon details are correct!)
  • Update tasks for all professions
  • Update ingredient search lists for all professions
  • Fix regular expression used in potion ingredient search
  • Alter default timeouts (makes script a lot more stable and less prone to errors)
  • Remove unused variable
  • Add extra logging for task ingredient searches
  • Fix bug with required resource checks getting stuck on non craftable resources
  • Added method to check for required task ingredients and choose tasks to create them Method is currently hard coded to specify certain search strings for ingredient types Currently working for all Alchemy tasks There is a current problem that if you have the required potion ingredient but it is in your belt slots the task is uncraftable but the ingredients show as available and it will not craft a new one
  • Update with changes in Mustex's script (version 12)
  • Added tasks for Platesmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring
  • Added detection for the gateway being down
  • Update asset selection to avoid using coloured assets in junk slots for leadership
  • Update leadership tasks table due to task reward/duration alterations
  • Add option to enable/disable automation process
  • Update alchemy tasks some more
  • Add ability to select from multiple tasks with same name (eg Alchemical Research)
  • Add craft options for alchemy potions (need to be manually switched since they use the same ingredients)
  • Add alchemy tasks up to level 20
  • Change task slot selection to be user configurable options in settings window
  • Add level 1 alchemical research
  • Added ability to specify how many tasks of each profession to train multiple professions at once
  • Updated mailsmithing level 0 tasks
  • Changed asset selection to only update Junk assets
  • Leadership asset selection for bronze tier picks lowest asset first
  • Modified Leadership tasks
  • Tweaked Leadership tasks grid
  • Added task grid for Alchemy (Partial)
  • onsave handlers for settings are now called before the settings values are saved
  • Added onsave handler for console to enable/disable using the window console
  • Added checking for errors (using the window title) and will navigate back to the main login page if autologin is enabled 0.1.8
  • Added popup for altering settings
  • Settings are saved to script cache
  • Added mailsmithing tasks to task grid 0.1.7
  • Added lower level leadership tasks to grid
  • Added hiring tasks to leadership task
  • Uses saved values to determine which profession type to level (Defaults to Leadership, currently no way to change it) 0.1.5
  • Is now able to recover from missing assets
  • Uses a configurable grid to determine what the next task is to complete 0.1.0
  • Is now able to select some hard coded leadership tasks
  • Can now collect from any completed slot