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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 03-09-2018

Added an option to run on ILC request pages

4.5 - (Chameleon) - Added an option to run on ILC request pages

Thanks for adding this but not seeing the option.

Posted: 22-09-2018

It was removed as part of 4.8.0, which removed all site-specific code except for legacy defaults.

Posted: 23-09-2018


Posted: 24-09-2018

Sorry. Thinking about this tonight and it dawned on me how that probably came across with text being so bland so let me be a bit more descriptive.

Thank you for adding this to the script years ago for me, it was a fantastic thing being able to search for request directly from the requesting page. As time went on I was using this less and less for life started to take up more time.

So while it worked it was flawless in it's use. Time moves on and you needed to remove all site related code and it is understood.

So thanks again.

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